Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Weird Facebook Friendships:

Image courtesy: Facebook

Facebook in itself is a boon. No question about it. But friendships on Facebook do get a bit weird sometimes.
Through Facebook I have been able to get in touch with many people, whom otherwise I would have never even heard about.
I get to hear from people who were part of my thoughts and life for a very long time.
I get to know how life is treating them and where life has taken them. All said, these friendships take a weird turn sometimes. You wonder what to call these people. Are they really friends???

I will tell you about some of my weird friends....

1) People add you as friend and then ignore you completely. You begin to wonder why they added you in the first place. Weird!!!

2) Your classmate with whom you studied for years together, acts like a stranger on Facebook and ignores your comments or does not ever reply to your messages or chat.
 O.K, you may say you were busy at the time, when I posted the comment or messaged you, but I get to know you have seen the message or the comment.
I mean, how much time will it take to reply to a message or click a like on the comment I posted?

I click ‘Like’ on all posts which I really liked and comment when I feel like it.
It is common courtesy Friends

3) Random guys add you as friend and then pester you with messages and pings.
I hate this and try not to accept such requests. I block these weird guys entirely. I prefer to remain offline in chat these days because of you…

4) Your so called friends does not acknowledge any of your posts on your timeline, but when you meet or talk to them later, they confess how much they loved your posts and are looking forward to see many in future.
Dear friends, if you really liked my post, there is a Like button just below it, which if you click, I will get to know you liked it. Simple!!

5) People who become your friends just to get something done. I have seen many such fake friends.There was this lady, who used to comment on my every painting or portrait and then message me continuously to draw her portrait.

 I didn’t know her in real life. She was a random stranger whom I had met through my art page.The day I drew her portrait she pinged me with Thank You messages and how much she liked it and so on.

Then one day, out of the blue, she unfriended me. Before she did that, she deleted almost all of the comments which she had posted on my wall or paintings, which made my replies to these comments look as though I was talking to myself.

How much more weird can it get?

For people like me, who value friendships, Facebook has given me back many long lost friends.
If only these weird friends stopped being so weird.
Please unfriend me if you belong to any of these categories. I am frustrated with the weird ones.

But if you are one of my friends, who pep me up with a ping or encourage me with your comments, this post is a Thank You message to you.

Remain my friend Forever…


  1. Hi, nice post.:) I know most of us do this. We see that there are 20-30 mutual friends and accept the friendship of the person and they irritate us with pings and pokes.
    And about that 5th point, I think she deleted her profile. If she din't then that's just rude. I like your art page by the way. Its beautiful :) :)

    1. Thank You...
      About the 5th..She didn't delete her profile. Still very much online. It is weird right?.

    2. And thanks for liking my Art page...:)

  2. hahaha, i know it's weird. I found this facebook so annoying that i deactivated my account within months.

    1. I didn't go to that extent..I just deleted the weird fellows. Then it is an ok ok place...