Monday, September 2, 2013

Drugs... A dark angel

In the arms of an Angel....

One awesome song and an awesome movie...

This song sung by Sarah Mclachlan originally was used in the movie The city of Angels.

The Singer had written it in memory of Jonathan Melvoin who had died in a hotel room after heroin overdose.
The Angel that the singer refers to are drugs which many singers/ artists depend on to cope with fame, tension and success.

We do have many tragedies in the field of singing like Elvis Prestly and Michael Jackson who supposedly died from drug overdose.

When success comes overnight, some people turn to these dark angels called drugs for help. By the time that they realize that the angel wings which have been giving them divine high moments are dark and tainted with death, It is too late.

Let us pray that we don't lose any more talents to these dark angels.

Be aware...

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