Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things I really want from my man

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I love the TOUCH prompts. Thank you Preeti Shenoy for coming up with such innovative ideas.

The writing Prompt for TOUCH Thursday Number 3 is:
Anjali is a character in the book. She has dated 6 men and rejected all of them. She is still looking for Mr.Right. She feels it is hard to get what she is looking for.
If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more) that you really want from men.

Well, reading Anjali's thoughts made me think. Did I ever really understand any man I have met in my whole life?
The Answer is No, with a bold capital N.

Men come in myriad shades of character.The ability of some to change colours puts even a chameleon to shame. So how can one really understand them? 

But you can always have a wish list for things you want/expect from them. Whether you tick off every single item on your wish list when you find your Mr. Right, depends entirely on your luck.

My wish list goes like this, and all of them are equally important. I am addressing you my Mr. Right. Take note:

1.     Appreciation:  When you appreciate me for the things I do, you make me happy. Well! That doesn't mean that you must sing my praise at every single thing that I do. But praise me truly and you might just spur me to be a touch more benevolent.

2.     Laughter:  I dearly love a laugh. If my man has the ability to make me burst out laughing, when I even don’t feel like smiling, he wins my heart hands down.You do!!

3.     Support:  By this, I mean emotional, physical and financial support. Give me a shoulder to cry on when I am in pain. Give me a warm hug when I badly need one. Give me financial support when I am in a crisis. If you did this without my nagging or ever so subtle (?) hints, you have cemented a place in my heart.

4.     Love: Which woman doesn't want her man to be truly and madly in love with her? Unconditional love is a bit overrated.I guess only babies know how to love that way. But I won’t mind if you love me unconditionally.

5.     Happiness: Simple things make me happy. Walking down the street holding your hands, a small outing with family, allowing me to curl down with a favorite book while you take care of our kid... You know how much happy you make me then?

6.     Security: When I was my daddy’s little girl, I never had a single moment of fear. I was under his protection all way through. When I am with you, I want you to take care of me like my father did. I want to be the apple of your eye. Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.

Hmm… That is all I can think for now. It may change as time progresses I believe.

And  Anjali, All the Best for your search for Mr. Right. I sincerely hope you find him.


  1. You have nicely written. All girls written the same points again and again.

  2. Nice list, Preethi :) Hope you find all what you are looking for! :)

    1. I have found them in my husband. I nag and bring these qualities out..;)

  3. Most of the points covered..But very difficult to find such a perfect person I guess...

    1. Be on the look out..There sure will be one for you... Or just change the one you find by subtle hints...:)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Aparna... Hope you have one such list too..

  5. You know most of the women have the same list. For us its def the little things that matter most from our guys!!! i wonder when they will start understanding that.... well written luvv ... :)