Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome to Incredible India, Mark...

Hey Mark,
I heard you are planning to come to India. That is great news.
Be prepared to have a mind blowing trip. My country will enchant and cast a spell on you. 

See it is not only me saying...Many other brainy people have praised my country.Some like Einstein are grateful to us Indians...Just see what he said...

Impressed...? After all, we are the land of the four Vedas, which contains the basic truths about everything under the sun. We are indeed a very blessed lot, having thousands of deities, a variety of religions and hundreds of languages (the various dialects included).

 I know you already think of Indian women as being Gorgeous... Pretty, Intelligent and Warm...
We are all that... But we are also much more... We are paragons of virtue. Our country also known as Bharat, has many historical and mythological females who may amaze you.

If you are interested, I will tell you in detail about all these wonderful ladies while we travel around my charming country.

Expect some bumpy rides though... Excuse us, we are a developing country. Pot- holes keeps on developing on our roads.

Get ready to experience exotic climates. Unlike the United Kingdom where you have quite an unpredictable climate, we have a pretty well disciplined but varying climate all over. Take a plane ride to any corner of the country; you will experience a different climate compared to the place you just left.

We have the whole world right here. Snowy mountains, magical deserts, misty hill stations, charming backwaters, enchanting golden beaches…. 

You name it…we have it.

Now a peek into what I think you should see in India.

Taj Mahal

You should visit the Taj Mahal… It is among the seven wonders of the world:
a symbol of Love. (Forget that the emperor Shahjahan build it in memory of his 4th wife, who died delivering his 14th child, as far as the legends go. I told you... Indian women are paragons)

You should visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves which have some magnificent paintings and sculptures.
Ajanta and Ellora Caves
We will go to the Khajuraho temples from there, where you will get proof that we are indeed the land of the Kamasutra. (ahem, ahem…I find that your interest is suddenly piqued)

Khajuraho Temple

Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari
I want you to visit Kanyakumari, the meeting point of the three oceans, the Bay of Bengal, The Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean. We will visit the Vivekananda Rock there, where you can spend some glorious moments meditating in the serene chamber inside the Swami Vivekananda memorial. (Who knows…You too may attain enlightenment there)

Alleppey House boat
We can next visit the Venice of the East, Alleppey. The cruise along the labyrinthine backwaters abroad a houseboat is going to be a magical experience that will give you memories that will last forever.

Then if we get time, we will visit all the places that you find interesting from any tourist guide book. O.k?

I know Mark that your visit is not just to explore my land. May be you are coming with Aman.

I hope you understand that Indian men have the habit of giving up on their lady love quite easily. They fail to understand that Indian women are in chains everywhere. They don't listen to their cries for help. I doubt Aman is one among them. Shruti is definitely one of us.

We Indian women are taught about the pitfalls of young love from a very young age. A rape victim is victimized in our land while the rapists roam free without much ado. I know it happens all around the world, but in our land it is legendary.

In my country we (ladies) give up very easily on love and end up in marriages of convenience arranged by our parents and tragically forget all about love.

We need strong men who will stand up for us, who will fight for us and will convince us to live our lives for what it is worth. Not end up pining for a lost love or a lost honor.

Tell Aman that many Indian females do fall in love with one guy and marry someone else.To understand why, he needs to know what goes on deep inside our hearts. Alas, God didn’t give anyone the ability to read another’s mind. Half our problems would be solved if we could speak out what we hide in the depths of our heart.

Coming from the land of birth of a thousand sonnets on love, I believe you are coming here with a mission of love. Teach Aman to listen to his heart. Indian men rarely do.

I wish you the very best on your mission.

See you soon…

Warm regards,
Preethi Venugopal

Thank You, Preeti Shenoy for yet another interesting TOUCH prompt.
This is my entry for TOUCH thursday No.2.


  1. Preethi,
    Its truly the most vivid description about a country so varied and versatile. Really touching the soul of India. Congrats Preethi and welcome Mark !!

  2. Apt points, Preethi! Loved your Post.
    India is all this and more with the power to make anyone fall in love with her....

  3. You included houseboats as well ;) I can see the reason!