Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An interesting word

It is very easy to remember a word when you associate it with an image. I like to do this.

And there is usually a legend associated with the origin of the word as well which makes it doubly exciting.

The  word I have selected  is


From oxford dictionary;

Narcissism (noun) means an excessive or sexual interest in yourself and your appearance.
Origin is from Narcissus, a beautiful youth in Greek Mythology who fell in love with his reflection.

Narcissus by Caravaggio

There is a nice story behind it and you can read it HERE. The article also talks about narcissism that exists everywhere. A nice read.
The flower Narcissus is supposed to have bloomed at the place where Narcissus died.



His narcissism made him think that he was a God's gift to the women all over the world.


I will post another when I come across a similar interesting word.

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