Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Birthday Ever...

It was my birthday yesterday…
One of the finest birthdays I had in a long time. Every moment was memorable.
 The day had started on a sad note. Became teary eyed after reading the farewell speech of our Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar. What an awe inspiring speech. Read the speech HERE.
Then my son gave me the sweetest birthday kiss when he got up and my day started getting sweeter by the minute.

First, when I logged on to Gmail, Google wished me a Happy Birthday with a birthday doodle. 
Google for me Yesterday

 When I hovered mouse over it, a dialogue box appeared with Happy Birthday Preethi!... I was beaming like a kid who was given a sweet when he least expected it.

Next, my review that I wrote on about The One You Cannot Have, a novel by Preeti Shenoy was being appreciated, the author herself having posted a link to it on her Facebook author page. I was first to write a review.

My two little friends, Shreya and Poornima came then with  Kajjaya their mother had made especially for me… 
Wow.. it was yummy. I had invited them for lunch.

Then I started cooking lunch and the Chicken Biriyani I made, turned out quite tasty. (Not accidently though - I am quite a veteran in making it!!!)

The greatest surprise came in the evening though…
My best kid buddies ( Shreya (13), Poornima (14) and Swati (19) in the neighborhood decided to surprise me with a cake...
They made the plans, From their pocket money, bought the cake,
Kept the suspense,
Gave me a dramatic Surprise,
Sang the birthday song,
Made me cut the cake,
Smeared my face with the cake…
And made my birthday the best I ever had...

I felt I was back being a kid. I laughed and posed for the many number of photos they took.
Me with Shreya, Poornima and Swati
And Yes...I got the birthday bumps as well...
Thank You Kids for the unconditional love.

And Thanks to all friends and Family who called up and wished me. Thanks to all Facebook friends for the lovely wishes.
You all made me feel SPECIAL...


  1. Happy birthday preethi. Glad you had a gr8 one

  2. Belated happy birthday dear. Your day was indeed special. :)

    1. Thank You Saru Singhal for wishes... Yeah the best one in a while..

  3. Hi, Please accept the Liebster from my blog :) Do hop in when u get time !!

    1. Thank You seema for the Liebster. My first blog Award ...May it be the harbinger of many more..:D
      But... It was hard work finding answers to your questions..;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday :) You seemed to have had loads of fun :) My birthday is on November 22 :)

    1. Oh.. really.. That means we share the same Zodiac sign.. Nice to know another Scorpio Blogger...