Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My first Liebster Award...

Know what? I was awarded my first Leibster by Seema from the blog Endeavours.

As the Tradition of Leibster goes, you are awarded the Leibster by a fellow Blogger who happens to like / follow your blog. 

It is a fun award and involves a little Meme. The ones who got the award needs to follow some rules. They are:

è Tag back to the person who tagged you
è Answer the questions posed by him/her/them
è Tag 11 ( some say 9 ) more bloggers , with no more than 200 followers
è Post 11 ( some say 10 )  Questions for them to answer !!
è And tell them that they have been tagged , so that they continue the chain

The questions she has asked me are:

1) What is your favorite word or phrase?

      It is a phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". My brother who is a Doctor used to joke that if all start to follow this, then all the Doctors would go bankrupt.

2) What holiday makes you sad?

      Holi is the festival that makes me sad. It was on a Holi that I lost my father. Whenever Holi comes, I just can't enjoy it anymore.

3) What is the most cheekiest thing you have done till date?

       I tied a thread on a piece of sea salt and then lowered it into the mouth of my husband who was sleeping with his mouth open. He started licking it. It was so funny.
4) What is the last meal that you made for yourself?
     Rice with Avial curry, Rasam and curd.

5) What was your best birthday ? Why?

     This year's birthday. I wrote an entire blog post on it. It was simply the best. You can read about it HERE.

6) What would you do if you won the lottery?
      Go on a World trip. Visit all the places I have read about. Make memories that will last a life time exploring all those pretty places. Meet wonderful people from around the world.

7) If you had a warning label, what would urs say?

8) Have you ever got sweet revenge on someone?

       No....I don't believe in taking revenge. I just forgive and forget. The thing is, I easily forget the pains people give me. I consider it a boon.

9) Who was your first best friend?

I don't tag friends as best and bad. I have many friends who prove themselves as the best at times and worst at other times...:P

10) What is the most scariest thing you have ever done?
    The tunnel ride in a watertheme park, the Dreamland in UAE. It was tooo scary with the water splashing onto my face and almost suffocating me and the tunnel seemingly never ending.
The person on the left is me after I shot out like a bullet from the tunnel..Phew...
Now to Tag 9 other bloggers.

I tag the following Sweet people with the Liebster Award.

Namrata Mahalingam


Here is my list of 10 questions for them.

1) What is your favorite place on earth?

2) What is your favorite colour?

3) Tell the first joke that came to your mind.

4) What do you tell people who dives in to give an advice which you do not need?

5) What is your most cherished dream?

6) Which fictional character do you find adorable?

7) If you had the power to change a thing in this world what would you change?

8) Write the first two lines of the song that is on your mind now...

9) What is the one thing that you wish you had done differently?

10) Why do you write?