Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester

Mr. Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre ( Source)

I am Pilot and you might know my master, Mr. Edward Rochester from Jane's Tale.
That's me with him in the photo.
Pilot and Rochester (Source)

 When I first met Jane Eyre, in that lonely alley near our Thornfield mansion, I instantly knew that she was a benevolent being. Trust me; we dogs have a way of reading people. 

My master was talking in riddles that day about the ‘enchanted creature’ that had entered his life. I didn't have to wait long to understand that he had fallen in love with Jane, the lowly governess of his ward Adele.
I was almost sure Jane returned the feelings. I really don’t understand you, humans. If you really love someone, just go ahead and tell. Why do you people hesitate?!!

I knew that horrible lady, Blanche Ingram didn't love master nor did he.

Then Jane went to see her dying Aunt Mrs. Reeds.

Fortunately, that separation brought them nearer. My happiness knew no bounds when I found them in each other’s arms, the day Jane returned.
If only Mr. Rochester was open with her about his dreadful secret, poor Jane would have not suffered so much.

I pity the girl. Who would like it when at the wedding altar you come to know that your fiance is already married, albeit to a mad woman?!!

I didn't see her running away the next day. But I witnessed the tragedy at Thornfield later on, in which my master’s mad wife died. Sadly, master became blind trying to rescue her. 
Daily, I saw him pining after Jane.

But love has a way of its own!!

 Jane came back to my master and they married. My Master, due to her loving care, regained his eyesight partially enough to behold his first son.

I am blissfully happy as well.

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  1. Interesting POV ! Makes me want to read Jane Eyre all over again.

    1. I have lost count of the number of times I have read..:)

  2. Aah, a different take on the WOW prompt! Nice work. :D

  3. An interesting read with happy endings...just superb.

  4. Great Preethi! Well-expressed & illustrated :)

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    1. Hi 5 there... My favorite too.. Thanks for the comment.

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    1. Actually I watched the movie two days back and when the wow prompt came I thought of pilot..:)

      Glad you liked it.

  7. A very creative way of doing the prompt. Loved reading it :)

  8. I have read Jane Eyre....It's good how you summarized the story through the eyes of a dog

  9. Entertaining and quite a good creative work. Congratulations for being the no 1 in the WOW list.

    1. Thank You Upma Pant Indoriya....

      Really? I didn't know... Thanks for the information. So happy!!