Sunday, January 26, 2014


The deserted roads are a boon to my current state of mind. The tears that refuse to stop pouring out of my eyes have partially blinded my vision and I have no idea where I am headed.

The night sky mirrored my life.... cloudy and dark, without even a single star.

Two hours ago, returning to my flat after an unexpected pack–up of the shoot of my serial, I had faced the worst nightmare ever possible. I had found Varun, my fiancĂ© and live-in boyfriend, in bed with my professed best friend, Kriya.

In the mega serial in which I am the lead-actress, such situations were dime-a-dozen and helped to increase our TRP. The brave ‘Sukanya’, whom I bring to life onscreen would have courageously faced the situation and thrown the two out of the flat after giving them a piece of her mind.

But I, Meera in real life, had quickly ran away like a meek lamb. My trust in love, my whole faith in humanity had suffered a huge blow.

My trusted Audi had seemed a shelter far better than any place in the world. I wished to distance myself as far as possible from the farce that my world had suddenly become.

The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured. Luckily, I am able to stop the car before it veered out of out of control. All around, I can see fields of sugar cane that stretched far and wide, almost to the horizon.

Gathering all my courage I decide to wait for daylight , praying all the while for a miracle.

Many horror stories about gang rapes, robbery and murder begin to pop into my mind without much ado. don't have the courage to even open the windows to let the cool air in.

“Who is that blocking our path? Arrey, Give way for our bullock cart… We don’t have all the time in the world,” a rough voice hollering wakes me up from the sleep that I had drifted into.

The first streaks of dawn are breaking but it was still dark around. I can see a boy silhouetted against the sky, seated on a heap of hay atop the bullock cart.

“Bittu…Go, ask whoever is inside to give us way. This narrow road won’t allow such lavish parking,” I hear the old man shouting to the boy.

Praying hard, I roll down my window, switching on the cabin light to enable him to see that the driver is a woman.
“Oh hanumanji…this is our Sukanyaji!. Sukanyaji, What happened? Why are you here?’’ cried the boy on seeing me.
I realize I am still dressed as Sukanya, as the shoot had suddenly been called off due to a fire on the set.
“Baba, it is Sukanyaji.. I think she is in trouble,” shouted the boy to the old man and very soon both began fussing around asking me a million questions.

Minutes later, I find myself in their cozy little home a little further down the road. Very soon, the whole village gather to see  their Sukanyaji, the bold woman  they all adore.
“But for you, I would have died months ago, after my husband left me for another. You showed me that women could live alone without a man to support her,” says Leela, the eldest sister of Bittu.
“Yes… but for you, we would not have started the garment business that has made us financially independent,” adds Sheila, their neighbor.
They tell me that they watch my serial without fail every day, from the house of the Village head, Mr. Raichand.
I am pampered with a sumptuous breakfast and the innocent talks of the villagers slowly re-kindle my faith in humanity.
By the time Bittu informs me that the tyre has been changed, I have decided the way ahead. Meera, is dead from today. Sukanya will live on.
The meek lamb was dead, the tigress was returning to avenge and take charge of her life.


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  1. I loved the beautiful flow of your writing... :)

    - Rahul

  2. Wow! Wonderful plot and story woven so well.
    I like the positive ending.

  3. Nice story. Sleeping on with AC in a car I am told is very dangerous. :D

    1. Thank You Mridula...
      About AC, I will inform my heroine about that... Lucky she didn't suffer any negative effects...:P

    2. Oh then I thought I should edit it out..:P.

      Thank you Mridula...

  4. What a beautiful read and loved the ending :)

    1. Thank You Pallavi...Long time..missed you out here..:)

  5. Very nice story Preethi :) Love the way she gathered her courage :)

    The Arts & Me

  6. Really good take on the prompt, Preethi :) All the best for WoW :)