Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Awesome Weekend...

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Today, when I got up in the morning, to face yet another bleak weekend, I hadn't thought that it would be a day unlike any other.

After a furious search when  I had found the tissue in which Nancy had scribbled down the number of the salon which was giving a new year makeover at reduced rates, I still had no inkling that my life was about to change.

Nor did I think about it, when after the makeover I got into my car to drive back to my accommodation.

The makeover had included a haircut, a pedicure and manicure with an added bonus of nail art with it. I now looked like a well groomed teenager rather than the twenty five plus boring-hopeless-spinster that I actually was. The nail polish on my toes matched exactly the shade of my scarlet red peep-toe shoes.

I was busy admiring my beautiful nails after stopping at the traffic signal, when the signal changed to green.

The moment the signal turned green, horns started blaring and I began cursing all the ‘@#$#%$’ that were hollering using their horn. They can wait a few more seconds anyway; I think and deliberately delay to start my car and move away from the mad traffic.

To my dismay I hear an ominously loud thud and my car shakes from the impact. My poor little Hyundai Sandro must have suffered a blow never to be recovered from.

Looking in the rear view mirror I find the SUV which has given my Hyundai Sandro, the worst sort of caress. My temper is quite out of control and I rush out of my car like ‘Rani Laxmi Bhai’ in full battle mode, to avenge my poor car.

The owner of the BMW SUV, dressed in a cool gray suit wearing sun glasses, comes out and I drown him in a colourful and violent out pour of my foul vocabulary skills.

He keeps staring at me without a word while I fight the urge to give a punch right on his expensive sun glasses. I have exhausted my stock of expletives but he still stood like a rock unaffected by the torrent.

“Diksha..You never change!!!.. Do you?” The warm male voice that is addressing me literally bowls me over and many mushy memories begin to compile at an amazing speed in my usually idle brain.

“Karan!!! You idiot…,” I blurt out recognizing the handsome and arrogant man smiling down at me.

Amidst the blaring horns and the policeman threatening us with arrest, we somehow manage to settle our fight which had suddenly become non-existent.
Karan agrees to restore my faithful Hyundai Sandro to her former glory without much ado and I wave over his offer with much flair.

When he insists that I have dinner with him I readily agree. What else job I had?!! (Thinking back; I should have refused!!..Just to sound sophisticated!!).

But over and all the dinner turned out to be better than I ever expected.

 “Diksha..My feelings for you have remained unchanged. If you can forgive me for being the career-minded-fool that I have become, all my long cherished dreams will come true,” pleads Karan and I am speechless at his sudden confession.

Though I have dreamt often that Karan will come back to me after his goals were achieved, I had never thought it possible.

I had heard about his achievements from my friends though I had deliberately not tried to contact him.

“Please Diksha…your silence is killing me. Please say something,” says Karan with a tortured look.

“Do I need to say something?” I ask beaming at him and he takes my hands in his and lovingly kisses my knuckles.

My life was indeed changing…that too for the best.

What an awesome weekend it was turning out to be!!!

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  1. Awesome romantic story, Preethi :D
    Accident ho gaya, rabba rabba. I love happy endings :)

  2. My mind freezes when I think fiction! Enjoyed reading this.

  3. A sweet story. Apt use of prompts

  4. Make over, romance now now what a wonderful start to a weekend then :D


    1. Yeah..What else do one need for a weekend!!! :) Thanks for the comment Richa.

  5. lovely, so sweet!
    unplanned meetings bring most joy :)

    1. True...unplanned meetings usually end up the happiest...
      Thans for the comment Aayesha...

  6. That was a sweet and romantic story.Indeed an awesome weekend :)

  7. Wonderful Weekend Post to begin a fresh week with a Fresh Identity.