Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Portrait of a Special Lady

Sunanda Nair: An Acrylic Portrait
When I started my blog this year I had decided that I will do one on a special lady whom I came to know.

This acrylic portrait that I did in 2012 of  famous dancer Sunanda Nair  holds a special place in my heart.

The portrait though is not so accurate, was what built my confidence as an artist. I had send it to Sunanda Nair, through her Facebook Fan Page just for fun.

I was not so regular on Facebook then and when I logged in next ,I had a surprise waiting .

 I had tears in my eyes when I saw that Sunanda Nair had not only posted the photo of the painting on her personal profile page but had also added me as friend. She had tagged me in it as well.

More than that, her fans were appreciating my painting and praising me !!. There were more than some 200 plus likes and many comments. I was on cloud nine literally.

Before this, the only people who had appreciated my art was my immediate family members and my nearest friends.

This was a huge ego boost to the artist in me and I will remain forever thankful to her. 

The past year and a half, I have come to see the love she showers on her students and friends through her online presence. She is an amazing and beautiful lady. She has won many awards including the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy award and has performed all over the world. She has devoted shishyas all over the world  who consider her their godmother.

Read more about her HERE.

You can also visit her Wiki page HERE

Watch her dance to Chaliye Kunjan mo in this video.


Thank you Sunanda Ji for being the wonderful person that you are. Continue to inspire millions.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too.
    Beautiful potrait.

  2. Arts and Artists are the Wonderful Signs of Nature. Best Artists always have the Professional Identity on the Society.

  3. Such an accurate painting, Preethi :) You are a great artist :)

  4. I agree with you that this is not an accurate work. But, accuracy is not everything for an art! The impression created by the art is what matters! And this is a superb work!

    Best wishes!
    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you so much Sindhu... Words of appreciation from another artist is precious.

  5. Appreciation from a person whom you appreciate means a lot. Congrats Preethi.

  6. I can imagine how happy you must have felt when the lady herself liked it! Way to go!

    1. Yes..I was literally over the moon... :)

      Thanks for the comment Mridula.

  7. Lovely painting. I like the bright colours
    #MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads