Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Forever Love!

My phone had three missed calls when I got up. It was from my former colleague Asha who had taken a sabbatical from work to look after her toddler son. Asha was one of my best friends and I called back immediately.

“Shalini, I called you because I thought you might be interested in what my sister-in-law is doing. She has become a past life regression expert and she is doing it for free for the first six months of her training period,” said Asha, after our regular girly talks.

“Of course, dear, I am interested. You know how much I believe in reincarnation and past lives. May be, I can find a reason why I get those weird dreams,” I said, eager to embark on a mystical journey.

Asha’s sister-in-law Maya contacted me soon and she asked me to meditate regularly and write down the main question that I wished to get an answer from the past life regression therapy.

My biggest problem was that I dreamt about a male colleague regularly and that too as my lover whereas I didn’t even like him in real life. It disturbed me.Though he was friendly with me and sought me out regularly for leisurely chats during lunch breaks at office, I had never felt anything akin to love for him.

During regression, she instructed me to visit the past life, which held answer to my most pertinent question. What I saw then stunned me.

In the past life I visited, I was living in a huge house in the north of England, during early eighteenth century. I worked as a governess to a ten-year-old girl, the youngest sister of the master of the house, Sir Stephen Winthrop. He was a Baron and the moment I saw him, I understood the reason why I dreamt of Arjun so much. It was Arjun except that in that incarnation he looked absolutely dashing in his clean-shaven avatar. Arjun sported a beard and looked unkempt in his current life.

I watched how the master of the house fell in love with me and married me ignoring all the societal rules. He loved me so much and happily, we made promises to be together forever. But we died in a carriage accident soon after the tenth birthday of our first born. We had lived a life full of love. There hadn’t been a moment of sadness or anger from the moment I met him.

It explained my dreams. It explained why I saw dreams of a happily ever after with Arjun. Though the veil of time had erased the memories from my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, my soul, still cherished the love we had once shared.
I knew what I had to do. I had to try once more to get back that love.

While returning home, I messaged to Arjun requesting him to meet up at a nearby cafeteria. As fate would have it, I immediately fell in love with the person who entered the cafeteria. Arjun was clean-shaven and hence looked exactly like my love from my past life, Sir Stephen Winthrop.

My love must have reflected in my eyes because Arjun appeared tense. I tried to gather my wits to make Arjun feel at ease. He surprised me with what he told me next.

“I have waited so long to see that look in your eyes, Shalini. You ruled my dreams and showered love. But in real life, you never even acknowledged my presence. I was going mad with frustration.”

So after a centuries of being apart two souls re-united that day. When I confessed about my past life experience, Arjun fell silent but continued to stare at me with love twinkling in his eyes. During those moments of silence, our souls re-connected and renewed the vows of a forever.


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  1. Love the happy ending, Preethi!
    Love connection reestablished! Glad that the past-lovers met.
    So nicely you have combined the prompts!
    Best wishes!

  2. Loved the ending a lot Preethi. Since you are already aware of the contest, it is easy for me. I have tagged you here. Kindly accept my tag and have fun writing!

    Someone is Special

    1. Will check whether I can accept the tag Someone is special..:)