Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Help feed a hungry child!


Only the one who has experienced it knows the pang of hunger. In Mahabharata, we come across the Akshaya Patra, which ensured a never-ending supply of food to the Pandavas who were in exile. Given to Yudhisthira by Lord Surya, to facilitate him to feed the many number of sages and members of his family, the Akshaya Patra was a boon to the Pandavas.

If we had such a vessel that could end the food needs of today, there won’t be hunger deaths in any corner of the earth. Everywhere there would be happy faces. there won’t be greed, there won’t be wars, there won’t be enmity. Love will reign throughout the world.

When you feed a child, not only do you help him grow, but also you are molding a happy and contented future citizen of the world. There is an greater eagerness in the child to learn and also energy to give a better output.

But how can we end classroom hunger?

Classroom hunger will end when there is provision for a delicious mid day meal in every school. Every kid no matter in which age group he belong, eats well with his peers. They will compete with each other to finish their meal and will stop being the fussy eater that they usually are in the confines of their home. When they learn the happiness of eating the same food as everyone else in his class, there is a sense of equality as well among the kids.

In a school I know run by a charitable mission, they provide mid day meal and the meal is cooked by the parents who volunteer each day in the kitchen along with the school kitchen staff. This ensures cleanliness and efficiency in the system of the activity. This can be adopted by other schools as well.

There has been instances when government agencies in charge of providing mid day meal ate up the money provide for the mid day meal and then provided low quality food to the kids. There have been even deaths due to food poisoning during the lunch hour.

The Akshay Patra, just like the legendary vessel of the Pandavas, is doing commendable work to ensure an end to classroom hunger. It has succeeded to ensure that its feeding capacity doesn’t end. With the help of volunteers and kind hearted people, the Akshay Patra mission which began with a handful of schools , has become a strong presence in the struggle to end classroom hunger by feeding an estimated 1.3 million children across India.

Watch this video to learn about Akshay Patra.

This blog post is intended to help to feed a child for a full year. Blogadda, one of the largest online community for bloggers in India has taken up the initiative to donate an Akshay Patra beneficiary for each blog post that is written for the cause by the registered bloggers.

Fellow bloggers, do your bit and help feed a hungry child for an entire academic year.
Each blogger can write five posts. You have the capability to feed five kids for an entire year. Do take up this noble cause.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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