Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why the movie Khoobsoorat disappointed me!

Khoobsurat Source 

Khoobsurat directed by Shashanka Ghosh with Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan as the lead pair was a huge disappointment for me.

I watched it, loaded with expectations. It was a Disney venture, had the very good looking Fawad Khan as a Prince and the cute and sweet Sonam Kapoor was the Disney Princess. I could not forgive the weak script, forgettable music and un-tapped talents of the leading pair. Screenplay was poor. The script too was pathetic. Except for the lone redeeming feature in the form of a cameo performance by Kirron Kher as the adorable Manju, none of the characters stayed in my mind after the movie ended. 

Clean Shaven Source
 The most pathetic thing was Fawad Khan looked like a vagabond wearing suit, instead of being the handsome Prince Charming. He looks best when he is clean –shaven. He then acquires the oh-so-irresistible look, which made him the hero in a million hearts. That is the kind of the ideal look, which would have made the Prince in Khoobsurat rock. Just like the very popular serial Humsafar, Khoobsurat too would have succeeded across borders. Look at the way he looks when he is clean-shaven.

In Khoobsurat Source

And look how he looked in Khoobsurat!

Throughout the movie, I wanted to ask him #WillYouShave please! Why oh why do the directors do such things? Most of the good-looking actors appear grouchy when they sport beards and moustaches. For a role that demanded him to look dapper and dashing, he should have shaved. Period.

In Humsafar Source

In Humsafar, he had the role of a Yale educated rich businessman. In that role he was drop-dead gorgeous with his clean-shaven looks and romantic acting. His mushy dialogues were enough to make any sensitive girl swoon. It was an instance when his well-groomed looks ensured that he struck gold with the opportunity given to him. It won him a huge fan- Me! 

The dialogues in Khoobsurat between the lead pair were forgettable and nowhere did I hear a memorable dialogue. The pathetic attempts at creating humor flopped. I had thought of quitting mid way. But the enticement that Fawad may appear clean shaven any moment remained the only glue that proved effective. But I was disappointed.

Please please Fawad, if you want a super hit, enter Bollywood only with your clean-shaven look.
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  1. Fawad Khan disappoints me in whatever look :p
    I should run before all the girls attack me :p :D

  2. I enjoyed the new Khoobsurat movie, though not half as much as the older one with Rekha, Rakesh Roshan & Ashok Kumar. All the heroes were clean-shaven in that one :) :)
    Thanks for tagging me, Preethi. Your tag is the 2nd tag I have got after Anmol's :)

  3. Good to see no negative remarks on Sonam Kapoor, I would say Fawad blemished her. Otherwise she's flawless!!

  4. haha, i liked this post. i must check out humsafar to see the difference between the two :)