Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Porcelanosa: A Royal Bathroom at 24Kliving!

When I visited the website of Porcelanosa and went through the products offered by them, it was as though they had peeped into my dreams while creating their products. Their products for the bathrooms were exactly what I would have picked for my dream home. Indiblogger asked to pick as many items that caught my eye. Promising not to be greedy, I  selected five items for my bathroom. All the items are fabulous, they have products for the whole home. Stylish wall tiles, floor tile, Kitchen products, bedroom, living room and bathroom products which can beautify your dream home. 

For me, bathroom is a place of rejuvenation, a place where I wash away the grime of a tiresome day and prepare for a new beginning. For the same reason, I want the bathroom in my dream home to be my personal heaven- a place, which is a treat to the eyes, as well as an epitome of comfort and quality. It should be aesthetic as well as classic. It should be a pleasure to enter.Instead of being a cleaning or beauty ritual, the bath time should be an indulgence.

Banera-victorian single Bath tub

The first thing that will catch your eye when you enter my dream bathroom will be a classical Victorian style bathtub made out of cast iron with an enamel finish. Though the one in the picture above has its external side colored black, I would select the option of white enameled exterior, which they provide in their design options. The choice of my colour for the decorative legs would be a golden finish, again one that they have as a choice in design. Then it would have a complete royal look. I would then be able to indulge in luxurious, scented, bubble baths to relax and tone my tired body, while reading a book or listening to music.


The second thing that you will notice will be the sleek and stylish basin. I selected it because I plan to add a storage cabin for cleaning products beneath it. It is serviceable as well due to the provision of a surface to place beauty products, soaps etc.

Rain Shower

The third one is the rain shower. Who would not want to take a shower that resembles rain? The design is elegant. It would occupy only minimum space and would be a visual treat as well.

Shower Screen

The fourth item in my bathroom is a companion for item three - the shower screen. I wish to keep my bathroom dry and hygienic all the time. The presence of a shower curtain eliminates the chance of water spilling onto the entire bathroom floor. It would help to separate the dry area from the wet area. It is aesthetic in appeal as well.


The fifth item is the best among all. The design is so aesthetic that the toilet can pass off as a ceramic chair. The design also makes cleaning easier and seems comfortable as well. Being wall mounted, the outlet pipes are not visible and that adds to the visual appeal. Furthermore, the model offers eco mechanisms that saves up to 25% of water compared to standard systems. Is there anything else that one could wish for in a toilet?

So folks, I am busy dreaming and planning about my dream home at 24Kliving equipped with Porcelenosa products. If you liked the products that I picked, click on the links below the photos to go to the respective pages at the Porcelanosa website.

Check out the website of Kolte-Patil Developers at http://www.24kliving.com/, who associate with Porcelanosa for interior decor,

if you are planning to buy a home where you can recreate all the magic you have seen in your dreams. 

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