Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G Internet

Slow internet is the biggest headache that we face today. In my household there are multiple users for the broadband Wifi internet that we have and it sucks when all of us are logged onto internet simultaneously.

The videos take forever to load, the facebook, twitter and linkedin pages tests our patience. That is when we wish that there was hi-speed internet on our phones.
With the new 4G connection from internet that promises high-speed 4G internet at the price of 3G, I find it exceedingly tempting to buy a 4G sim. Just a tweet with #GetAirtel4G and the sim will be home delivered. Tempting offer right?

Once I get it, I can start my own video channel of the many videos that I like to make at home. Some drawing tutorials, shading tutorials and some easy writing tips for aspiring authors. I have many personal videos of my son during his toddler years that I want to upload on Google Drive as a backup to the ones on my PC and my external hard disk storage. That way I can even share it with my friends.

I can download and watch many movies from my favorite websites and also connect to my PC using it as Wifi for my PC.

Google map guidance is essential in a city like Bangalore where finding a shop/ store or house can be quite tedious. Using 4G Airtel data I can easily navigate to places and that will be an amazing experience. With the many apps that provide locations for hotels, restaurants and bookstores, my phone is my biggest guide when it comes to finding my favorite haunts in the city. I order food, I find the route and also I book taxis to travel using my phone.

I can use it also while I travel to my native place every vacation, when the fear of getting lost in unfamiliar terrains are often very much cause of trouble for any traveler. With airtel data keeping us connected, we can travel tension free as help is always just a few clicks away.

When there is high speed internet, the quality of the YouTube videos are high and the enjoyment factor too is high. The pleasure of watching my favorite songs with constant buffering of even the initial advertisements if highly irritating.

I binge watch TV shows at times and hi speed internet will ensure that I get to save more time as most shows are minimum 30 minute shows.

There are also the TED videos and motivational videos that I return to watch when I am looking for inspiration. It is often highly essential for me whenever I am in a bad mood that I watch one of my favorite motivational videos. They instantly pep me up.

So all in all, 4G internet from Airtel promises to pep up my life.

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