Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Lunch and a Storm in the Teacup

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Sona: Rearranging the tables was the best thing they did. Writers who write together should eat together.

Me: It is so crowded already. The poor minions look a harassed lot.

Tiya: Yes, people can be quite a nuisance when the pang of hunger strikes.

Me: I just wish they bring the food fast. My stomach has started complaining.

Tiya: You know about this tradition called Karvachauth? Women have to fast without drinking even a drop of water all day. When I got married, my husband did not want me to undergo the torture. Haven’t done it even once.

Sona: That is amazing. People can be quite intolerant when it comes to religion and rituals. I remember my aunt used to take these monthly fasts. When I was a kid I was also asked to fast. I nearly passed out the one time I tried. I cannot forego food. There is a limit to my tolerance.

Me: That reminds me of my brother. He fasted once to give company to my mother. He actually fainted before the sun set. We all tease him like hell whenever someone mentions fasting. Mother says that a rabbit should not attempt to do what an elephant is an expert at.

Sona: Oh my God, see that. A rabbit indeed is attempting something like that here. How can that waiter carry three trays at once? And see that boy talking on the phone is walking straight at him. Ugh!

Tiya: What a mess! I hope they don’t fire him. It was the mistake of the boy.

Me: He was carrying too many plates. They should employ more staff.

Sona: The manager seems to be a kind fellow. See how he is apologizing on behalf of his staff to the boy. And see how arrogant that boy is. Shamelessly shouting at the poor waiter.

Tiya: I am going to tell him exactly what I think. I cannot tolerate this.

Sona: Sit down, let us not make it messier. The manager is sorting it out.

Me: Let us eat. See our food has come. Karma is a bitch. I am sure the minions will mix a drop of washing liquid in his food the next time he comes here.

Sona: Yes, they have marked him. That boy can never feel safe here anymore. Never underestimate the power of a common minion.

 Author's note: This was an attempt at narrating a story only through dialogue,  without any dialogue tags or scene descriptions, a style popularized by Roddy Doyle