Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 Lessons from 2016

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January told me to hope.
 I was walking through new paths, where unknown fears and strangers lurked at every turn. Strangers who took your words and twisted it to suit their wicked ways, or used it as barbed tools to taunt you. Words once uttered were lost forever; it would never be yours again.

February taught  it was okay to make mistakes.
We make errors in judgment while selecting friends, trust the wrong persons and then suffer due to these errors.

March came with tough lessons and pain.
Yet, it also planted the seeds for a new dawn. I migrated my blog to my own domain. A new website in my name was born. It was also a month of darkness. People I trusted turned against me and shocked me with public vitriolic attacks.

April taught me that nothing lasts long, even pain.
I understood that even pain doesn’t last long. Only those who brave the waves survive to tell the tale. I was fortunate to have enormous support from family and friends.

May asked me to look ahead with courage; every night was followed by day.
 Lessons I have learned from my bellowed father helped me see pinpricks of light even amidst the darkness. I overcame my fears.

June came with drizzles of new hopes, new plans.
 Like the rain brings with itself the pleasant smell of wet earth, June brought with it new friends, inspirations, and lessons.

July came along and filled me with happiness.
I got selected to Anita's Attic, a longtime dream. It gave me a new courage.

August was the harbinger of new beginnings.
Classes at the Attic began and every Saturday instilled in me fresh ideas, a strong belief in the strength of the written word.

September was fun all along, new friends, new lessons, and new courage.
 Words became my friends yet again. They made me smile and taught me to have fun playing with them.

October brought new tidings, new beginnings and renewed some old vows.
I began writing earnestly again and rewards too came instilling in me with confidence.

November said it was time to forget and forgive.
In my birth month, I took an oath to forgive and forget. I concentrated more on self-healing and leaving the past behind. It was time to surge ahead and to conquer new horizons.

December as always brings with itself the hope.
This month always reminds me that even in cold winter, the warmth of a loving soul was the only essential thing required to keep our dreams thriving. Though it is one that brings the year to the end. it also brings the hope of Christmas, New Year and the prospect of a fresh beginning.

Dear 2017, I had a tough yet fruitful 2016.
Hope you will be kinder to me.

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