Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gracias Soul mates!

I know it has been long overdue. But I am not ungrateful. You knew it was coming, right? After all, you three understand me like no one else.
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Dearest Laptop,

I am thanking you first. No, not because you might get angry and just go blank if I shove you to the last position. But because you are my favorite. (Yes, why do you doubt it? I swear!) Also, you are a class apart. You are not a home appliance, you are my home. XO

You don’t mind my threats of throwing you into the dustbin whenever you show off your blue error screen. You don’t mind the expletives I shower on you when you suddenly shut off. I know it is my mistake that I overwork you!

I am thankful for all the digital memories that you create and store for me. Thank you for taking me on amazing trips via your screen. You are my genie who brings the world to me. I would have lost touch with my loved ones but for you.

Can I even begin to thank you for all the hours you have tolerated my tapping away on your keyboard while I wrote my books, my stories, and my blog posts? Thank you for the patience and magnanimity.

Lest I forget, you are the reason my toddler learned his alphabets and numbers. You are his best friend. You taught him languages, songs and had fun playing games with him. Thank you, dear.

I can go on listing your virtues the whole day, but see, there are some others I need to thank as well.
I will remain forever grateful to you.

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Dearest washing machine,

If there is one single discovery that I am thankful for every day, it is you! My magnificent, cute, lovely little machine. Thank you for serving me without any grudge or complaints. I do make you work so much.

What would we do if not for you? We would roam around smelling like rotten cabbages or onions! Eeew. Ever since you came into our lives, I don’t have to depend on that thankless maid who made such a fuss for washing the clothes. The clothes smell good now and dry faster.

All I need to do is throw in the clothes along with some detergent. You do all the dirty work elegantly. No noise, no tantrums. You even notify me when you are done. I am so thankful for all that you do.

Don’t mind that sometimes I forget to wipe you clean or empty the filters. It is just that I am so busy these days.

Thank you, dear.
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Dearest refrigerator,

I know you are angry with me. I haven’t cleaned you in weeks. I swear I will do it this weekend. Just for another two days, you have to bear with the stains left by my unruly little boy who loves banging your doors after taking out his treats. I know he sometimes leaves your doors open. He dislodges your beautiful octagonal ice-crystals, just to hear the tinkling sound of the ice falling into your ice-box. Do forgive him. He is just eight.

You tolerate everything without any complaint. Thank you for being such a magnanimous being. Thank you for keeping all the leftovers, vegetables, and beverages fresh. I know the man of the house doesn't like eating anything that has lived inside you for more than a few hours. That is just him. I love you. I am your big fan.

Thank you for being the coolest addition to our home.

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This post is written for #ThankfulThursdays being hosted by Tina Basu and Amrita Misra

Tina Basu


  1. Yes the first two makes us soulsisters indeed.
    I don't want to imagine life without them.
    These small things make our lives so much easier. And allow us to do everything.
    The refrigerator is such a humble machine ,whose absence can make you stuck in the kitchen the entire day.
    Thanks for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. High-five soul sister! It was fun writing for your prompt. :)

  2. Little things that matter :) And thank God for a good internet connection!

    1. Yes!!!! Thank God for that internet connection. I will be so lost without it :)

  3. What a lovely post and you seemed to have nailed it so so well. Kudos on winning the last weeks netrt!;)

  4. Delightful post. It is hight time I thanked my lap top too!

    1. Yes,you should. My laptop is super happy. No tantrums or blue error screens today. :)

  5. Loved the way you have described all 3. I forgot the refrigerator but agree with u on all 3. I love my laptop too and thankful for it.

  6. I love these letters Preethi. What are we going to do without them! Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays