Friday, December 30, 2016

Exploring Kayaking in India

Ever since I heard that there are options to Kayak in and around Bangalore, I am itching to try it. For all those who don’t know what a Kayak is, it is a long narrow boat that is fully covered except for a small opening in the center and propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Here is a picture for your reference.
I belong to a small village that is bordered by the Arabian Sea and I had once gone on a canoe paddling with my brother and friends. The power of the paddle propelling the canoe forward is an awesome feeling. The rhythmic sound of the paddles splashing onto the water, the calm waters, and the smooth, slightly undulating motion of the canoe, everything had felt mesmerizing. The only time I have seen a Kayak in action was while I was watching some water adventure sports. It seemed so amazing that a small boat could traverse such long distances and even rocky falls.

I typed ‘Kayaking India’ into Google and it threw many results at me. Some of the websites even had options for me to buy Kayaks in India. Isn’t that cool? Just yesterday, my husband was talking how adventure sports really makes us feel alive. We had checked out the various adventure sports options available in Bangalore on Google and he was interested in mountain biking and trekking whereas the Kayaking and other water adventure sports lured me.

It will all depend on whether we can free enough time to indulge in such activities in 2017. We are not adrenaline junkies by nature. But we do chase adventures occasionally. And when we do, we enjoy it completely. 2016 had seen us travel more. Hope 2017 will bring us more travel with an additional ingredient of adventure sports.

When I checked, I came across the website of Madras Funtools, where you can buy or rent the various Kayak essentials. Do check their website if you are dreaming about owning/ buy Kayak items in India and going surfing in the various water bodies in India. You can also check out stand up paddling or SUP options. If you want to learn Kayaking or SUP, they can guide you.

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Last week I had read about Tapashi Devchaudary, who holds the title of being the only SUP India (stand up paddling) surfer. It was heartening to know that this trailblazer is working hard to change that with her efforts. She has started India’s only SUP school where she teaches SUP surfing and SUP yoga to tourists and Indians alike. Way to go girl!

So are you ready for some new adventures in 2017?


  1. In Bangalore I have come across the hot air balloon adventures that too, on specific pre-decided dates.thanks for the Madras Funtool share !

  2. I love adventure holidays. But since my daughter is 4 right now option are limited