Thursday, February 16, 2017

Five vices I Love

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I have many vices, but like Yin balances Yang, they keep my life balanced.

My vices are:

1) Laziness:

I am thankful that I become lazy like a cow sometimes. If I were not this lazy, I would have become a workaholic, not taking care of my health or my other needs. Because of this bug, my system gets time to rejuvenate. Work goes for a toss then and long naps, eating out and takeaway dinners rule the roost. 

2) Forgetfulness:

I am thankful for this vice as I can let go and release my past easily. Except for a few instances, I have no memory of my past. I take care to store only pleasant memories of people. I modify my memories to make them seem silly and funny. I do forget to collect my handbag from security check-ins most of the times at airports and often get scolded by my husband for that. I once ran all the way from boarding area to the X-ray machine much to the amusement of airport staff at Dubai airport. The guy at the machine had his facepalm moment that day because of me. Yeah, I am the airport clown. That is a virtue, right?

3) Addicted to rice:

Rice is a weakness for me. I can eat rice for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. But I am in love with this addiction. East or West, rice is the best. 

4) Book hoarder:

I confess that I am a book hoarder. Last time I checked, I had more than 200 unread books.  Still, I continue to buy. I don't get unruly when I see a sale sign at a clothes store but if it is at a bookstore, I enter it without caring about the time, the amount of money I have, often ignoring the protests of anyone who is accompanying me. They can go straight to hell because I have to browse through infinite rows of books, books, and more books, looking for gems of literature.

5) Loose Tongue

When in a crowd, I often become nervous like a mouse, my tongue becomes loose and utter the wrong thing.  Once during a blogger meet, I told a blogger that she didn't resemble her photo at all. I know, wrong thing to say! What I forgot to mention was that I thought she looked better than her photograph. Poor me didn't understand why she ignored me completely after that. But I am thankful as I believe everything happens for a reason.

So that is it. What are the vices that you love?

This post is written for #ThankfulThursdays being hosted by Tina or Amrita, Mayuri and Deepa 


  1. Really Preethi ?You said she didnt look like her photo and then forgot to tell the nexy part?
    Loved your vices.How can a writer be lazy?Its called research into own mind ,not lazy!I must protest that part .Otherwise all your vices are adorable.Loved this.Thanks for awriting with us for #ThankfulThursdays!Its always a pleasure reading your blog

    1. It was my first blogger meet and I was trying to recognise people through their photographs I had seen online. We were walking around during the break to meet other bloggers. I didn't recognise her when somebody introduced her to me. I had read her blog but her photograph there was grainy and bad.So I just blurted out you look so different from your photograph. She said it might be because I straightened my hair. I said no, not because of that. Before I could explain, somebody else asked me another question and she walked away. :/

      About lazinesss, it is my nemesis. But for it, I wouldn't have manuscripts sitting untouched since weeks on my computer. You gave me an idea. From now on, these breaks will be called 'research' breaks. :D
      Thanks for reading.

    2. Glad to have given u idea for research breaks 😊

  2. Wonderful write up, even I m a book & fabric hoarder.

  3. Ha ha ha!! I am in splits over your airport clown note - that one is hilarious!! WOW!!!
    I have loved your post for the way you have converted every negative to a positive and with such elan. its making me see my vices in a new light. cheers

    1. Glad that I could make you laugh. There is nothing called a vice actually. Who are we to decide if it is a vice or a virtue :D

  4. You call all these adorable quirks your vices, Preethi?! No way!
    I so admire that you can forget. I wish I could!
    This made for such a fun read and I hope to meet up with you sometime soon:)

    1. Adorable? Really? I get crucified daily for these quirks. We are surely going to meet soon :)

  5. Preethi, we have common stuffs in here too! The first two to be precise - You know how lazy I am - I vanish from the scene often!

    1. Cheers fellow scorpio! You are my soul sister after all :)