Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Magic in the Attitude of Gratitude

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If I could have a superpower, my choice would be the ability to communicate via telepathy. It would be so nice if I could tell everyone around what exactly I wanted to tell them without going through the hassle of a face to face confrontation. Bliss! Words would get converted into frequencies which would be received and deciphered by the gray cells in their brain. They would cringe, laugh or curse according to what message I had sent them. No bodily harm would result as I would be sipping my coffee miles away.

Alas, no human being has developed this highly useful faculty of the brain. One fine day, I hope a Guru would arrive and teach us the ability to communicate via telepathy. Or maybe our friendly humanoid aliens from 'The Awakening' would be kind enough to teach us that. Or a miracle drug would be invented which would enable the human brain to explore all its hidden capabilities. We would then emerge as super humans and we would rule the universe. Yeah, my imagination is running wild after NASA announced the discovery of seven more exoplanets. Till then, unfortunately, we have to use our various means of communication available to say what we wish to say.

Especially when it is gratitude that you feel, express it right away. Not only will it make you feel good, the person at the receiving end also feels happy and content. It will also encourage them to repeat the act of kindness when the 'Thank you' is heartfelt. A simple 'thank you' message can do the trick. You can employ elaborate hashtags, selfies and whatever pictures you wish to accompany it if you are doing it publicly via social media (that is the trend) (*wink, *wink) or through a subdued private message. The more heartfelt it is, the more benefits it brings to the giver and the receiver.

The attitude of gratitude has the ability to cheer up two persons immediately, both the giver and the receiver. Remaining silent when you are feeling grateful is never the right thing to do.
So next time you feel grateful, don't hesitate, thank the person you feel grateful towards. And also when somebody thank you, receive it gracefully. Receiving gratitude is like receiving a bouquet of positivity. Cherish it.

So, who is #1 on your gratitude list this week?

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  1. HA Preethi, if only...
    Love the thought of frequencies; wouldnt that be simply marvellous!?! A lazybones like me would devote ardous hours if need be to learn telepathy to avoid doing anything physically - sigh what a blissful world that would be! Thanks for my todays daydream moment ;-)

  2. Hey Preethi, telepathy does happen when miles away your mom feels bad about something and you are here upset on something. But still Thank you can't be wired through the brains, we need to say those magical words to feel good and make the other person feel good

  3. I still remember the days of our alien research and our frequent alienish things spotting while we did the Game of Blogs! It was fun, wish we did that again.

  4. Excellent Preethi .Immediately cheers up two people when you say thank you.Its really intersting how you pinpoint th exact Gold in the prompt.Thank you [Preethi for writing with us for #ThankfulThursdays

  5. I have the same feelings in wanted to convey into words to someone and we hope they would understand. A few words can go a long way in cheering and making a difference to someone.