Tuesday, April 18, 2017

30 Things to Do to Own Your writing Craft

The most important thing to remember while venturing into writing is to own your writing craft. 

Here are 30 things to do to own your writing craft.
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  1. As a writer, you are unique. Remember that.
  2. You have a style and voice that is your own. Develop it.
  3. You won’t be perfect in the beginning. Accept it.
  4.  No one is born a writer. You learn it on the job.
  5. Writing is a craft and can be learned.
  6. Every writer tries new techniques and style to narrate their story. Learn the one that you likes best.
  7. Don’t allow haters to get to you. Haters hate, creators create.
  8. There will be people who will try to pull you down using a multitude of tactics. Ignore them.
  9.  Only you know what you are capable of, so stick to learning your craft until you master it.
  10. Learn from the masters. There are numerous books on writing. Use them wisely.
  11.  Don’t restrict yourself to one genre. Experiment in other genres that you like to read.
  12. Your creativity is God’s gift to you. Using your creativity for the benefit of others is your gift back to God.
  13. Stop telling yourself,’ It is too late.’
  14. Don’t wait till you make enough money and retire, to indulge in your creative dreams.
  15. Never tell yourself that your dreams don’t matter.
  16. Stop terrorizing yourself by giving life to all your fears.
  17.  If you are blocked, use the morning pages to get out of it.
  18. Go on Artist dates, pamper the artist in you by visiting places where you have been wishing to go since long.
  19. Unlearn the many negative habits that come in way of your creativity.
  20. Build a writing routine.
  21. Get rid of all your negative beliefs regarding writing. The top most among them are that writers are broke, unhappy or loners.
  22. Create a sense of your own identity as a writer in your mind. Don’t allow anyone to put labels on you.
  23. Take writing advice from people you trust, those who you know have your best interests at heart and are experts in the field.
  24. Identify the crazymakers in your life. Do you have someone in your life who takes over your life by dragging you into their own problems? Avoid them.
  25. Make the blank page your friend. No matter what, show up at the page every day and transform it.
  26. Pray for guidance before you begin a project.
  27. Meditate before you sit to write.
  28. Give yourself an easily attainable word count daily target. Whatever extra you write is a bonus for your hard work. Reward yourself.
  29. Choose a writing buddy who will encourage you and hold you accountable at every step of the way.
  30. Enjoy the process of creation. Fall in love with it.

During this A-Z April Challenge, I am exploring the A-Z journey of writing a Novel with examples from Literature.

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  1. Yeah I did fall in love. With each and every word of this piece. Thank you.

  2. Lovely tips Preethi .Specially the one about writing and helping others is our gift to God!That's it

    1. Yes! I truly believe that. Especially when readers write to me about how they could relate to what I wrote and how it changed their perspective towards life.

  3. Points 4, 5, 25, 26, 27 and 30 so true :) thank you for writing this post. These tips are simple yet when we are engrossed in writing sometimes we tend to forget. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. I am going to instill every point mentioned here in myself and my writing. Though I would so want to talk about my aspirations, I am afraid that I'll get jinxed (always happens with me). Will go through other posts on writing as well to become a better writer. Cheers!

    Rashi Mital

    Live It Young