Saturday, April 8, 2017

Grammar and Writing Style Software for Writers

Today let me share my experience with three grammar and writing style software that I use. Out of the three, two are free.

Cost: 19.99$

 The Hemingway Editor app is named after Ernest Hemingway. Who doesn't like his simple yet deliberate writing? The app aims to assist the writers in creating similar tight and simple prose. 

The app helps you to cut the dead weight from your prose and write with clarity. It highlights adverbs, passive voice, dull or complex words.  It analyses the text and gives a readability grade. A grade 7 means that grade 7 students can understand it with ease.
 The lower the readability, the easier it is to read and understand.

 It doesn’t need internet and hence I can access it anywhere. There are options to format the text

 The option to publish to Wordpress or Medium is available in the current version of the app. I can export it to word or other editors too.  No more copying and pasting between the programs. There is also an option to email the text. 

After editing the text for this blog using the app, I was able to lower the grade of this post from 7 to 4. 

Grammarly app claims that it can check 250 types of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. There are two versions of it. The free online version and the paid version. The premium paid version subscription costs about $29 per month. It comes with advanced options to write better than the free version.

The free version checks basic grammatical errors, spelling errors (according to whether you have selected the UK or US version of English) and possibly incorrect word usages.
I use the free online version to correct my online writing errors. It also enables me to check texts for grammatical errors when pasted into the Grammarly document. It is quite effective and easy. 

It can be incorporated into Chrome or Windows as required.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word combines the effectiveness of both the Hemingway app and Grammarly and is hence my favorite grammar and styling tool.

It gives a readability quotient, checks for grammatical errors, spellings, fragments, clich├ęs, colloquialisms, and punctuation errors. In order to avail this, we have to set the grammar check options correctly. If you tweak it properly, it becomes the best grammar software available.

How to enable grammar check in Word (version 2010-2013)?

  • Click on MS office icon to display the Word Options tab.
  • Click on word options and then select proofing. Check the proofing options you require.
  • Select the grammar and style option in the popup window.
  • Click on settings and check the options you want to enable. Click okay to save.

Ms word version 2016 doesn’t have the grammar and style option anymore. So, ensure that you buy a lower version not older than 2010. The best version is MS Word 2013 according to my experience. 

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  1. Useful info, Preethi. I use MS Word 2016 for editing my content.Should try the other options that you've suggested.

    1. MS 2016 doesn't have the grammar and style option. Only the grammar check. Still it is good. I use 2013 and 2016 versions. Thank you Vinodini for reading.

  2. One I have been using recently is There is a free version that will check up to 500 words. it has a lot of great features. It allow export to word and text. There is also a paid version, but I haven't checked that out yet.

    Thanks for the info.

    Jo Hawk The Writer

    1. Will have to check Thank you for the info.

  3. As I like to say, you don't know you need a writer's program... until you need it ;-)
    Once I thought they were useless, I used to think, what can a stupid machine do better than a human brain can, in terms of storytelling? But hten I learned that these kind fo program don't substitute the human mind, but rather they help it to get in motion and challenge our normal way of thinking.
    I find them useful.

    The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir

    1. Exactly! I agree to all of your points. There is no substitute for the x-ray eyes of a good editor. But they are human and can make errors and so can these softwares which are manmade. :)

  4. I just used Microsoft Word. It's enough for basic things I guess, but you always need to go through your text yourself or appoint an editor to make it correct I feel. I also use Ginger BTW ;)

    1. Ginger is good for sentences. It gives options to rewrite as well, right?
      MS Word 2016 is useless. They are bringing out an editing software for writers I heard.

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  6. Nice information. My worry, earlier writing used to be skill based. Now it is being automated. Like broiler chicken.