Saturday, April 29, 2017

You Can Become a Published Author

According to statistics, 90% of bloggers aspire to become a published author. Out of that 97% do not finish writing what they begin. 

If you have written a novel, congratulate yourself, sit back and bask in the glory. You persisted in chasing your dream while the others were busy being busy. You have become a member of that rare 3% who succeeds in completing their novel.

April A-Z Challenge this time might change this statistic I guess. The percentage of people who are going to emerge as winners are surely going to be very high. People who persist for a whole month, writing every day for a month.

 Blogchatter is going to guide the A-Zers registered with them to publish their eBook using their A-Z posts, get it reviewed and market it as well.

A book is born through hours and hours of dedication. There is no short cut.

As Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

In this era, publishing has become easy with the advent of many self-publishing platforms like Amazon, CreateSpace, Kobo etc, authors are able to find a platform for their stories easily. Get a detailed insight into the various online platforms available here.

Many of the bloggers I know are publishing eBooks based on their A-Z challenge.

Anmol Rawat is planning to terrorize his readers with an A-Z anthology of Horror stories.

Tina Basu is about to make her readers drool with an eBook of desserts.

Paresh Godhwani is writing an A-Z memoir about Travel in the Local Train.

Dr. Amrita Basu is publishing an eBook about the A-Z of fruits.

Vinodini Iyer is publishing a collection of A-Z letters to her son filled with wisdom to face life in its many facets.

Deepa Malhotra Gandhi’s eBook is filled with A-Z parental wisdom.

Mayuri’s eBook is a collection of her favorite Indian sweets with an associated memory or incident from her life.

Roma Gupta Sinha is writing a heartwarming love story.

Upasna is writing the A-Z about minimalism.

Many of these bloggers are already published authors. This time they are taking the e-route via Blogchatter. 

If you wish to read these posts before they are taken down, rush to their blogs.

Though my initial intent was to convert my A-Z posts into an eBook, I realized these posts were bringing organic traffic to my blog as my theme was A-Z essentials of writing a Novel, which is a much-searched topic online. Hence these posts will remain on my blog.

As this month is proving, the distance to getting published can be just a month.

Are you planning to publish an eBook using your A-Z posts?

During this A-Z April Challenge, I am exploring the A-Z journey of writing a Novel with examples from Literature.

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list, Preethi. It feels really nice.
    I am in the 97% who don't finish what they start. I hope to change that soon :)

  2. Thanks for the mention love❤ Hopefully I shall be able to publish the novella as my second ebook, if all goes well 🙈😊

  3. It's a special feeling when one of your mentor mentions you among the top bloggers of the country. It give assurance that I am doing a good job. Thank you Preethi. Hopefully everyone will convert it in to an E-book.

  4. Oh, thank you so much Preethi :)
    2 Posts left! I would have asked you to read after I finish compiling and editing, but I know, this time you can't! :p

  5. I honestly don't know how.. And with the deadline being next week, I don't know if I can manage with the duty schedule I have

  6. aww thank you so much Preethi, I am hoping to make the dessert recipe soon enough, before i loose all steam!

  7. I'm so glad I found your blog before the challenge ended! I do plan to publish a book on my A-Z theme (journaling), but will elaborate more and reorganize.

    I look forward to reading through your other April posts!
    Journaling: Y is for Yearly Word

  8. That's an interesting idea. I've seen books--movies--from blogs. Why not AtoZ?

  9. A few of my readers asked if I'm going to turn my AtoZ into an ebook. I still don't know whether this is a good idea...

    The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir

  10. Thanks a ton Preethi for the kind mention- and when its coming from a Veteran, its a Six. I hope to get the things in time. Need to plan.

  11. I am sure that all the published books will help readers on the various theme about writing. Preethi! I am saving your themes that will help in my personal and self-growth.

  12. I would like to convert my A to Z posts into an e-book but don't have much idea how to go about it. Will look out for guidance. Thanks for this post.

  13. Thanks Preethi
    So kind of you to mention me .I loved the A to wisdom about writing through your books.Thanks for helping

  14. M glad I came across this post. Though I commenced reading from the letter Y, I'm gonna start from the start. Thanks for the tips, gonna help me greatly. Cheers!

    Rashi Mital