Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ASUS ZenFone2

I have been in love with technology since childhood. I crave for the latest technology and if I can afford it, I go for it without delay.
But what makes a smart phone so coveted by everyone? For me, the ease with which I can connect with the world is what endears it to me the most. I can easily contact my friends via social media, browse for data and save the details to be checked later. I can even book mark web pages that I want to visit again and again. But what comes in the way is that many smart phones has very low RAM and hence has low browsing speeds. My smart phone also takes a hell a lot of time to get charged. My smart phone gives me high quality pictures but night time photos are of very bad quality.

That is when I heard about ASUS ZenFone2.
It is the world’s 1st smartphone with a 4 GB RAM. The device has a unique ASUS-exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. This means that the new  ZenFone 2, battery gets charged up to 60% in no more than 39 minutes. The ASUS Zenfone 2 PixelMaster camera that captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The industry-leading Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. It seems my dreams are coming true. What else can I wish for?

My reasons:
1.       72% screen to body ratio.That too the prize would be affordable and I have started saving to buy this magical phone as soon as it is launched. I want to experience the maximum that any smartphone can give using the ASUS ZenFone2.
2.      I believe in the companyI have an ASUS Eeebook and I am impressed by its performance. I am sure this will also be awesome.
3.      Hairline Body finish. I can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome phone. May be I can gift it to my husband on his birthday. He has been forever complaining about his own phone that has low browsing speed and the camera is also not of good quality.
4.       4 GB RAM. My own phone has 2 GB RAM and its speed is not bad. So I can imagine how fast the browsing speed of the new Zen Fone 2 will be. I will check this out as soon as possible.
5.       13/5 MP Rear/ front Camera. I also want to use the features of the phone to capture better photographs and use it for my blog in an effective manner. I can use it to enhance my blogposts and like any other blogger, I can show off my photography skills.

I want to explore all the new possibilities that a new phone can offer. I will use it mainly for furthering my blogging and writing career.

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