Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Absence is to love what wind is to fire

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Anne waited for her email to ping the whole day on Friday. It stayed silent, killing her hopes as each second ticked away. Even when she closed her tiny office at the end of the day, the email had maintained its status quo.

Had that small fight the day before escalated into something from where there was no return? She regretted the words she had spoken; she regretted the words she didn’t say.

As Joseph had switched off his mobile, she had shot off many emails asking for forgiveness. After all, she hadn’t known that Joseph had planned to take her on a weekend trip to his home with a purpose. She had fought with him instead saying she had made different plans already with her girl pals. One thing had led to another and Joseph had stomped off from their house after she accused him of being a heartless monster who was bent on making her life miserable.

She hadn’t known then that he had intended to propose to her at his family home. They had even arranged an engagement party.  When Joseph’s mother had called and confessed about her disappointment at the cancelled plans, Anne had cursed herself for not understanding the man she loved more than anything in the world. It didn’t matter now that she was the one always eager to be wed.

Every passing hour tortured her and she waited eagerly for her mobile to ring, for the sound of his key turning in the lock. She opened his wardrobe and hugged his shirts, remembering how it felt to be embraced by him.

The weekend dragged past and by Sunday night, Anne was miserable.

Early next morning, Anne woke up and felt  a familiar warmth next to her. Her Joseph had returned and he was lying next to her with his hands caressing her face and his face nuzzling her neck. She wept and then hugged him with all the love she felt.

“Never again, darling. I am sorry. These past three days were a torture for me. I missed you and I love you,” she whispered amidst tears and sobs.

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great. I love you more now than ever,” he said and pulled her closer.

Linking this to APRIL A-Z Challenge.

I used a quote in this post to weave a story around it. 


  1. That is a story that shows the power of love and forgiveness! And what a way to incorporate a quote and weave it into a story :) Well done, Preethi!

  2. Very well done Preethi! This has all the shades of love in it :)

  3. Thank you Soumya Prasad. Off to read yours.

  4. I read your Aathira. I loved your story.

  5. I have felt this too when my husband went onsite :) Do read my post too for the challenge.. I too have a story for A!!

  6. Will read Roohi Off to read your post.

  7. A powerful quote followed by a lovely story. Sometimes little distance bring us more near. :)

    I have also taken part in A to Z challenge. Please have a visit. :)

  8. The queen of happy endings :D
    I wonder where I would have ended if I was writing it :D

  9. What fun if a love story doesnt end on a happy note? :D I am a sucker for happy endings.

  10. Thank you for visiting S. L Hennessy. Off to read yours. :)

  11. Thank you for reading. Will visit yours :)

  12. Nice story. And a happy ending. :)

  13. Thank you Shrikant Pednekar Glad that you liked it.

  14. beautiful quote and even more so the narration :)



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