Friday, July 24, 2015

When Karma Returns!

My son admiring books!

Scene 1: Year: 2015

“Not entirely his fault… blame it on the genes he inherited!” calls out my husband from the living room, following it up with an audible chuckle.

 I decide to tackle him later and look at my son with absolute disgust, while he positions the pillow to counter my attack. Yes, I am waging a war to conquer my six-year-old, so that I can take him to the bathroom to be bathed. Every day, the moment I mentions the word ‘bath’ he runs to the bedroom and arms himself with a pillow, bellowing “I hate bathing.”

Flashback: (A couple of decades ago)

Me: “I don’t want to take bath. The water will be too cold.”

Mother: “The water is warm and absolutely perfect. You will not get anything to eat unless you bath.”

Me: “Okay, I don’t want to eat anything. I hate bathing. Let me die with 

*ready but useless tears flow out of my eyes.*

Scene 2: Year 2015

He: “Mother, I can’t go to sleep without hearing a bedtime story.”

Me: “Okay.” *starts reading the story of Winnie the pooh, yawns and stealthily skips a few paragraphs.*

He: “Mother, you skipped the part where Winnie is stuck at the door of Rabbit’s house. You are cheating.”

Me:  “Oh, did I? Big mistake! Sorry.” *stifles a groan and continues reading without missing even a single word.”

Flashback: (A couple of decades ago)

Me: “Father, I can’t sleep without hearing the story of ‘the four friends’. You should read me the story as always.”

Father: “But dear, you already know the story. I am so tired, my dear. We will read it tomorrow, all right?”

Me: “Nooooooooooooooooo.”

*Father starts reading the story stifling a yawn.*

Me: “Father, you forgot to read the part about where the tortoise gets trapped in the hunter’s net.”

Father: *groans.*

Scene 3: Year 2015

He: “Mother I want you to buy me that book. See the one about Peter Pan. Yes, that one.”

Me: “Dear, that story you already have in the Disney story collection that you have. We don’t need another book with the same story.”

He: “Mother, this one is better. It has better pictures. I like it.”

Me: “I don’t have enough money to buy that. If we buy that we won’t have money to pay for the auto when we reach home.” *makes the best excuse possible to make him forget about the book.*

He: “Don’t worry; just break open my piggy bank when you reach home. Use that to pay for the auto.”

Me: *sniggers thinking about the few one rupee coins that occupies his pint sized piggy bank.*

Flashback: (A couple of decades ago)

Me: “Father, I want you to buy me that story book. It has the story of Cinderella.”

Father: “ Dear, but you already know the story and have read it from the cartoon book you have at home.”

Me: “But father, it is already torn. That silly friend of mine tore it.”

Father: “I don’t have money to buy that dear. May be next time.”

Me: “Don’t worry, use this money.” *hands over the 50 paise that grandma had given to buy chocolates.*

Father: *sighs*

As you can see dear reader, Karma returns always without fail. Call it Karma, destiny, luck or whatever you want. But these things called genes makes sure that it does return and messes up everything!

These days, I am updating myself with all the mischief that I did once upon a time, so that I can be prepared when my turn comes.

But then, I used to trouble my father most. Why does my son trouble me instead? Can’t he target his father?!!

Sigh!!! *bites my nails in frustration thinking about the unfairness of it all.*

 It is but not just #AajKalKeBache! Kids during my childhood were the same! 

*Wink, Wink*

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  1. Wonderful connection!! Wise insight, lovely read!!

  2. Howlarious! Sorry, hope you don't mind my laughing
    Your son is as naughty as you were (are??? ;) ) Preethi

    1. I was, (I mean I am) not as naughty as him Sundari ;) :)

  3. LoL :D This was hilarious :D no! Am not at all going to think about the mischief I have done... well, not yet :-P

    1. Enjoy the time till then. Karma will return soon ;)

  4. :D lol i enjoyed reading this <3 :D

  5. Awww this was so cute! Love the connection with karma here. It is one of the reasons why I don't want to have kids. I was a terror :D

  6. Good decision Soumya. But Karma gets carried over to next Janma then . Hahaha! Just kidding.
    Glad that you liked it. :)

  7. LOL!! You brought out the similarities really well! So uncannily alike!

  8. interesting post to read about you and your son..You have connected it very well Preethi. Perfect title.


    Sriram & Krithiga