Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surf it all with UC Browser

There is no place that is worth living than India, if you are a cricket fan. You are forgiven for your craziness and even applauded for the extent you goes to watch your favorite game uninterrupted. A world cup match between your favorite team means that you will report sick to office, miss the release of your favorite movie or even refuse a date with that one person you wanted to go out, all life.

Don’t worry; you will be forgiven without any grudge by anyone who is an Indian. Because almost all share your craziness for the most loved game in the Indian subcontinent — Cricket!

I was myself an ardent fan of cricket until writing and parenting responsibilities took away my precious cricket watching hours. I could not remain glued to the television anymore.

But recently I discovered UC Browser and it is the coolest browser ever. The UC Cricket option, which is a heaven to every cricket fan, is just awesome. It has live scores with auto update, fixtures and results, and also latest news and videos from the cricketing world. What else could I ask for?
So now, wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I can keep an eye on what is happening in the world of cricket.  I am not worried anymore.

I can surf it all and also surf it fast with UC Browser. So no more regrets that I missed a game I wanted to watch so much. I am in awe of this browser because it helps us to not miss out on the little things that bring us happiness. I can know what exactly is happening in a match at the touch of my fingers on the UC Cricket icon.

The life of a cricket fan becomes easier if he/she is allowed to enjoy the best moments of the game without having to sacrifice other equally important pleasures in life. There usually arrives a time in the life of an individual where he/she is forced to prioritize things. This in itself is a big challenge to people who hates confronting their worst nightmares. And for a cricket fan, the worst nightmare is missing his favorite game while having to attend a boring meeting from which there seems no escape.

Like a genie in a bottle, UC Cricket with its tiny blue icon, leads you into a world that was eluding capture, caught in worldly responsibilities. This particular icon becomes your apple of your eye.
I can put options that will make me remember the timings of a particular match that is happening. I can also get quick information about the latest updates of my choice. The cricket fan in me is becoming happy again. I can check the updates while making my kid do his home work or even while cooking dinner.

I am super happy.

Check out and go to UC Cricket.