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Honey- an Elixir

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There isn’t anyone I guess, alive on earth who doesn’t like honey. Kids drool at the sight of it, young men swear by the effectiveness of it to reduce weight, girls use it in their beauty packs and grandmothers advise the new generation to quit swallowing antibiotics and rely on honey to cure their cough and cold.

So honey plays an important role in today’s word in Weight management, it acts as a sugar substitute, it is a source of energy, it aids digestion, fights minor ailments like cough and cold. It even rejuvenates beauty. Honey is an essential item in my household.
Ever heard about honey diet?

Honey diet advises us to replace of sugar with honey. Be it in your tea, your coffee or in your cereal, use Honey. Drinking warm water mixed with honey and lime juice first thing in the morning has been a prescribed weight loss idea since ages.

So why is honey better than sugar?

Honey, a plant based sugar helps burn fat faster than its sibling sugar. Sugar increases your calories and decreases your stamina whereas it is a proven fact that honey is healthy replacement for all kinds of sugars.

That honey is a regurgitated product from the honey stomach of bees makes it even more magical. It is easy to digest . We can use it for baking and the end product is tastier than when we use sugar.

In this era, when people are struggling to lose weight, fight diabetes and heart disease which are all mainly the byproducts of over consumption of sugar, dieting using honey will be a boon to all of us. The benefits of honey need to be studied and incorporated into our lives and then we can find the benefits of it changing our lives.

A healthy life style goes a long way in bringing happiness into our lives, as health is a very important facet of our living.

We need to dig deep into the treasure house of knowledge that our ancient scriptures offer. The key to longevity is hiding somewhere in the lost books from our past. It is very important that we return to nature to try and research a cure to the various ailments that human beings suffer from these days.
Instead of treating diseases with antibiotics, we should prefer to use natural methods to bring heal our ailments.

Did you know that Honey is prescribed as a treatment for

  •          Allergies caused by pollen.
  •          Healing mild burns
  •          Cough and cold

The ancients Egyptians used honey in cakes and biscuits and also as an aphrodisiac. They also used honey for embalming.

In Hinduism, honey is one of the five elixirs, the Panchamrita which is part of every big Puja that happens in a temple or home.

But alas, even honey comes duplicate and adulterated these days. It is time for us to find unadulterated honey, so that we too can tread towards a better life and better health.

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  1. Love Honey and been a huge fan of Dabur, it's bliss. I didn't know about the digestion part, lovely information:)