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Are your children meeting their growth milestones?

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Physiological and psychological development of one’s child is the most ambitious dream of every parent. We want our kids to become happy, healthy and intelligent. An asset to any society.
The present decade gives a lot of importance to parenting as it is a significant aspect in social growth.
Parents either make or break a kid. Careless parenting damages the psyche and overall development of a child. It is crucial to realize that as parents we are in charge of the future of our kids.

I left my high-paying civil engineering job after the birth of my son. It was a choice I made and there was no pressure from any side to influence my decision. I had a carefree childhood. There isn’t any fearful childhood memory or trauma as I always had elders like grandparents, uncles, and aunts who took care of me even though my parents were both working. As we live away from our relatives now, my son is deprived of their presence. I didn’t want to throw him into a daycare and allow him to remain at the mercy of strangers. Career was given a backseat. My child became my priority.

The initial months of being a mother were filled with confusion.  Like any newbie mother, I was scared that a mistake on my part would bring about a permanent damage to my delicate darling. Luckily my sister and brother are both doctors and I would turn to them often for advice. They used to tell me about the importance of right nutrition. I would carefully create the broths, porridges and soups to feed my son so that he got all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

After the first year, he became a fussy eater. Once he joined pre-school, nutritious meals under my care became a thing of the past. The lunch boxes usually would return uneaten from the school and there would be forever complaints that he doesn’t like food.

At home, I made the kind of foods that he liked. He loves warm and less spicy food. By lunch time in school, it would have turned cold and he would refuse to eat it saying it is not tasty. As a result, I feared that his growth will suffer. Then I began to send curd rice or boiled vegetables, pulses, grams which he liked to eat. This kind of began to balance the nutrition requirements.

It is paramount that children should catch up on growth. Thus we introduced him to health drinks. The only health drink he liked was Horlicks. The favorite flavor was chocolate.

His pediatrician informs us that his weight and height is in line with the established standards. Many parents are recommending Horlicks Growth+ to me. I want to try it as Horlicks is a trusted brand since generations. I used to love my glass of Horlicks. I even used to eat it directly from the bottle. To eat it stealthily away from the eyes of my eagle-eyed parents was bliss.

Horlicks Growth+ has been designed and tested by experts and is proven to increase height & weight in 6 months1. In fact, this balanced nutritional supplement has been developed to optimize growth without causing obesity in children.

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