Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Wordle or the Word Cloud of The Lively Library

Today is day 6 of my Blog Marathon. I am doing a book spotlight today.

I am a bibliophile and books are my entire world. So when I hear that one of my favorite newbie writers is coming out with a young adult romance novella, that too about books, naturally I became excited. 

Niranjan Navalgund has a multifaceted persona. He is a young chess professional and derives great pleasure in learning about life through the game of chess. He is a former National U-17 Chess Champion and a Commonwealth Silver medalist in the U-18 Category. He has been conferred with ‘Indradhanushya’ (2007) ‘Giants International Award’ (2009), ‘Kreeda Ratna’ Award (2010) and ‘Belgaumite of the year’ Award (2012) for his achievements in the field of Chess. He is a lover of words and occasionally tries his hand at writing stories and poems. He believes that writing is a wonderful exercise for the soul. Being a bibliophile, he harbours a special interest in the New Age Philosophy. Unusual stories excite him. He hopes to visit the Panda Zoo, someday. Niranjan lives with his family in Belagavi.

Read his interview on this blog here.

So, about the book. The book is titled 'The Lively Library and an Unlikely Romance.' Interesting, right?


Unknown to Nayan, the library he inherits from his deceased father, is a mysterious place. Hiriya Halepu, Pu.Nayaka, Kapshi and and many others live there. They have a secret world with celebrations, romances, pangs of separation and conflicts. This is the Book-World. As two souls in this world fall in love, they encounter a strange predicament that separates them from each other. Things go from bad to worse when an unknown enemy sends a threat of destruction to this whole mysterious world. They call their resolute protector, Helmine, who unravels many unknown facets of this world, in an attempt to save it from the danger. The lovers struggle to find each other, and Helmine tries hard to decipher the threat messages. But will she be able to save this world from destruction? Will the two souls in love be united? There are no easy answers. Because this is no ordinary Library, this is the place where books come to life.

Now that you have got acquainted with the wordle or the Word Cloud of The Lively Library, let me give you links where you can know more about it. The book releases on July 9 on online stores and offline stores as well. The book is being published by Readomania, and that itself tells me that the book will be well edited.


All the best, Niranjan.


  1. This is cool! Great job Preethi and all the best Niranjan!

  2. Thank you, Ayan. Waiting to hold the book in my hands. :)