Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pause, Breathe and Live

On a cloudy Sunday evening when I went for a walk, I clicked this photo. The sun was setting and it created this beautiful rainbow on the rainclouds that matted the sky in the east. The beauty of it made me pause. It is nowhere near how it really looked. 

The creativity of God amazes me every time I look skyward. I am awed by the magnificence of it all.

Science explains that a rainbow is formed when the water droplets in the rainclouds act like a prism and scatters the sunlight. But imagine how many droplets would be part of creating this stunning rainbow. What is the magic behind its beauty? A perfect synchronisation, a dance of love between the flirting beams of sunlight and the coy raindrops. A fairy waving a magic wand to delight a child. Whatever it is, it is a sight to behold.

I spent almost fifteen minutes just watching it. All the while, hundreds of people passed by. I wanted to tell each one of them to pause and watch it. I might have been labelled a lunatic. So I watched out for kids. They wouldn't mind. But none came my way during the entire time the rainbow dazzled in the sky. Maybe they were glued to their electronic gadgets.  

This is the sad truth. We are always rushing to complete our chores. Forgetting to pause. To breathe. To Live. I think we should stop doing that once in a while. Stop and look up. Listen to nature. The creator sends messages in myriad ways. Like this rainbow. 

Rainbows remind us of many things. It tells us that every dark cloud doesn't represent a storm. It might also bring forth something as beautiful as a rainbow. Or that every storm is followed by a rainbow. Or that there is a pot of gold buried at the end of it? Or that life is like a rainbow, it requires both the sun (happiness) and the raincloud (sadness) to make its colours appear.

Stop by the garden to smell the flowers once in a while. Listen to the birdsong. Watch the birds fly across the sky at twilight. Watch the twinkling stars from your terrace. Bathe in the moonlight. Take a dip in a river. Feel the kiss of the evening breeze.

Wishing you many many such tiny joys, dear reader. 


  1. A beautiful post Preethi. Let's stop, breathe and admire nature. Live life than being consumed by gadgets and a crazy life.

    1. Thank you Vishal. Exactly, we need to pause, breathe and live. :)

  2. Sometimes, we really need to pause and enjoy the beauty around us. I wonder most of the people who did not were busy on their smartphones. I do love the rainbows, and many other natural beauties and yeah, I do embrace that most of the times. :)

    1. Yes! Many were glued to their phones. I know you love nature by the many number of nature trips that you take. :)