Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Poison of Your Love

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Why do I feel so forlorn when I hear that you are 

continents away?

Why is the pit of dread in my stomach 
becoming unbearable by the second?

There is this thought, that little voice in 
the back of my head that tells me, 
you have forgotten me.

There exists no chord in the strings of
your heart that sings my name.

The ravages of time, 
the flight of memory has torn down
the resistance of that stubborn sinew.

You are not haunted by my name, 
you don't even realize how much 

that truth is tearing me apart
I loathe this teary existence, I grieve my
lost innocence. 

You have tainted my blood with the poison of your love.

Every second reminds me that I am losing

yet another day when I have failed to be near you.

The lantern of hope is now beginning to
smoke dark fumes, 

the love that kindled it, is long exhausted.
I know this and only this,

I can never be the same again, Without You.

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