Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why I think Creativity is like Aviyal

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Creativity is often a stroke of serendipity. Just like Aviyal. My favorite vegetable curry. Let me explain.

There are many stories behind the origin of this flavorsome curry which is considered the king in any feast in Kerala. My favorite among them is that it was Bhima who first prepared this curry. Sage Durvasav, who was known to have a short temper, arrived after the Pandavas had finished their meal and demanded food. Fearing his wrath, Bhima, who was a good cook put together this new curry with leftover vegetables. The sage loved the meal and blessed the Pandavas. 

Avial tantalises all your taste buds. It is sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The presence of bitter gourd, yoghurt, and carrots ensure that none of the taste buds remain forgotten during the meal. Vegetables are cooked al dente to retain all nutrients. A ground paste of coconut, cumin, onion, ginger and garlic blended with yoghurt spices up the flavor by several notches. The curry is then seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. 

Isn't creativity just like this? Life offers a mix of sweet, bitter and  sour experiences which sometimes brings forth salty tears. We experiment with stuff. Some succeed and others don't. Then one day, we take the lessons gained from all these experiences, blend them and create something new. And it becomes your masterpiece.

So to all of you trying to create your masterpiece. Let all the flavors of your life fuel your imagination to create an Avial. It won't ever disappoint you.

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  1. I have always considered the creativity as the by product of experience which is a gosoline to our survival. A great food for my appetite for experience.