Monday, November 7, 2016

Head to Affimity to Meet People Who Share your Interest!

I am a full-time writer and like all writers, my social life happens mostly online. I connect with friends, read about the latest news and hone my writing skills reading posts by master storytellers online. I am hence a member of most of the popular social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.

Recently I discovered an interesting social networking platform,, which enables me to meet and follow people with whom I share a common interest. The word ‘Affimity’ is coined from the words Affinity which means passion and Amity which means friendship.

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 The website consists of interest-specific social channels where you can share content about ideas you are passionate about. I found the entire concept interesting. Here you get information feed from the people whom you follow, tailor-suited to match your mood. No more alluring food pictures when you are aiming to follow the path of fitness and diet. No more vacation pictures when you are looking for ways to handle your naughty toddler. Yet nothing is far. When you are ready, a different channel which is just a click away caters to your very mood. Wellness, Yoga, Parenting, Fashion, Beauty, Cure, Book club etc are some of the channels that I am interested in.

I have created a post about mindfulness there which I am very passionate about. You can find it here in the ‘Wellness’ channel.
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I spent hours browsing through the different channels. The best thing I admired is the positivity and selfless sharing I found in most of the posts. It is interesting how people belonging to different regions in the world can be uniquely passionate about the same thing. Another feature that I liked is the fun message that pops up while the page or channel loads. I remember the message that popped up while I was waiting for the book club channel to load. “When was the last time you blinked? Do it now!” And I complied. That is one bad habit I have while I sit in front of the computer to write. I forget to blink.

I found a few of my other blogger buddies there and have started following them as well. It is interesting how technology makes life worth living by introducing such innovative platforms. I should confess that I have fallen in love with this new social media platform. It is so simple and user-friendly.Every time I visit, I am discovering more and more interesting channels and people to follow. More ideas, more tips, and more information, just in the correct dose. In this age of mindless social media, this is one social platform that is completely mindful of your every need.

Do check out this amazing platform. I am sure you will love it.


  1. It's a good platform..I use it...

    1. Yes! I found it interesting. So many channels and posts are good too.

  2. I guess I have an account but not yet active :-)

  3. I have given it a try but frankly I didn't enjoy it because I think there are few issues in it and engagement is limited to likes and comments. How many actually read your links is questionable. I feel there is lot of improvement that needs to be done before it becomes popular