Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump, a lunch and some eeeww romance

The Lunch

Two major events occurred in the last 24 hours. Two crucial twists in the tale.Trump triumphed in America. 500 and 1000 Rupees notes were demonetized in India. Social media just went berserk with people posting for and against both happenings.

I went offline, bored hearing the same news over and over again. As it was a day off for my son, we too had triumphs and laughs.  You can see the results of one of the games here.

The game :)

Then we went out for lunch to a near vegetarian restaurant. The food was yummy (Rice, Aloo paratha, Okra masala and Dum aloo) and we ate to our heart’s content. While we went to wash our hands, we passed a table where a preschooler was gorging on a strawberry ice-cream.

“Mother, we didn’t eat dessert. Don’t you know that dessert should always follow lunch?” A asked.

“I don’t like dessert,” I said. I had just a 500 rupees note, two hundred rupees notes and a few 10 Rs notes in my purse. If due to my bad luck my debit card didn’t connect, I might have to do some ‘chakki peasing’ in the hotel kitchen. But did he need to think about all that?

So, he declared,” I love desserts.”

My pulse quickened as I gave my card to the cashier. I sighed in relief when the machine printed my receipt.

‘Okay. Now you can,” I said. He walked to the ice-cream counter and picked the same strawberry flavor. Greed is contagious, isn’t it?

While I waited for my son to finish his ice-cream, a young college-going couple, caught my attention. Maybe it was because 500 rupees were banned and most of the ATMs were out of service, that they ordered an ice-cream cone and a milkshake. They settled on the chairs next to ours. I watched with amusement as the boy licked the ice-cream greedily. He gave it then to the girl who licked it gratefully. Eeeeww.

Next, the boy drank the milkshake and with a smug smile gave it to the girl. She drank it as though it was ‘sakshath amruth’.

When I looked next, the girl was almost sitting on the boy’s lap and the boy was licking at the ice-cream now. I dragged my son and walked out of the restaurant  before their romance blossomed further.

Yes, I regret walking out now. I am not sure when I will get to see another such ‘eeew’ romance again.



  1. Ha ha ha ... The PDA was actually eeew.

  2. Seriously. I was worried I might puke. :P

  3. Lol!! Too much for one afternoon :D

  4. Nothing to be scared. Anyway whatever children learn, whether in school or outside, are for future use only. :)

  5. Hahaha... quite common with young lovers these days.

    You and A were playing 'box-box'? :-D I play it with my son, too...

  6. glad you guys have soo much fun. looks like a great day spend.