Thursday, November 24, 2016

Friendship, Blogging, Aliens and Hrithik

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November is always a time for new beginnings. Being my birthday month and that of my baby, I always look forward to some quiet family time and travel. November is also the month of vigorous writing, being the month of Nanowrimo. Last year I had registered for it, but couldn’t write as we were mostly traveling. This time I decided to give it a miss for a multitude of reasons.

This #ThankfulThursday I wish to thank Tina for literally dragging me back to blogging. I had put Blogging on a back burner in the last few months as fiction writing had taken priority. I didn’t get much time to blog. If I did, they were just random outpourings from a tired mind.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason. They might arrive with a lesson or for a season.I had met Tina during the Game of Blogs by Blogadda in 2014. We belonged to team ‘By Lines’ which went on to win the competition. This inspiring lady surprised us daily by being completely involved in the discussions, editing, posts and also the huge amount of research that we did. After all, we were writing Sci-Fi fiction. All this while working at a hectic day job at an MNC. Because we clicked as a team, four from the team came together and created the best-selling anthology ‘A Little Chorus of Love.’ Our chat group on Facebook still remains the place where I unravel my bundle of doubts, troubles and also finds inspiration and ideas. 

 Now she is a busy mom and yet she finds time to maintain two blogs, be a hands-on mommy, cook awesome dishes and yes, she is active on social media as well. She also stood by me during one of the darkest phases in my writing career. I am forever grateful for that.

Being Scorpios, and having birthdays adjacent to each other, we are almost twin souls.We share many common interests. We LOVE Hrithik Roshan and would kill for him. Any Hrithik hater will face our wrath. 😈 We can discuss him for hours and moon over him for days. And yes, we have seen UFOs in namma Bengaluru. Believe it or not! Perhaps our aliens (the very ones who helped us throughout the Game of Blogs with various twists and turns) had decided to visit us and thank us for spreading their message.

I know I will post at least two posts weekly because of her. And I also know I have a friend who will never fail to inspire me, someone who is just a click away. Touch Wood!

Thanks are also due to Amrita and Mayuri for the Thursday and Friday prompts respectively. My blog will be eternally grateful to you three.  

This post is written for #ThankfulThursdays being hosted by Tina Basu and Amrita Misra

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  1. That made me smile ear to ear. Yes we have some cosmic connection somewhere Preethi. You have inspired me to write as well so many times. Hugs

  2. Such a heartwarming post and it's so good to see you back to blogging. Kudos to Tina!

  3. Thanks Preethi for always writing with us.It's such a beautiful story if friendship.I am really glad our #Thankful Thursdays help you blog regularly. That was why we started.Because thankfulNess and happiness is easier with practice.A friends have more fun when Tey do difficult things together.
    Helping you wrote ,helps us wrote too.
    Hopping over from #Thankful Thursdays

  4. Preethi,I feel the same for Tina.we two also joined a group made by blogchatter recently and got to know each other.

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  6. Happy birthday Preethi ☺ Good that you decided to blog atleast twice a week. Even Iam happy to participate in #ThankfulThursdays.

  7. This is such a sweet post Preethi. I agree with you about Tina..she is a sweetheart and always there to help others. Glad you came back to blogging world. wish u all the best and look forward to read more posts from u.

    1. Glad to hear that. Looking forward to read you too :)

  8. A) I was discussing Hrithik Roshan even recently with a friend. We both feel he is criminally underutilized and needs someone else to choose scripts for him! :D He's capable of so much more considering this is the same guy behind Mission Kashmir and Lakshya.

    B) You two need to tell us more about these Bangalore aliens! Like 'a separate blogpost' more.

  9. Got to know a lot about Miss Twinkling through your post. :)