Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Grateful Tech Savvy Woman

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if one of our dead ancestors (preferably from a few centuries ago) resurrected and arrived to live among us? Our world would amaze them and if not guided around, they might end up in a mental asylum. The gadgets would scare them. The vehicles would drive them crazy. Shouldn’t we be grateful that we live in this century where everything is just a few clicks away?

We live a privileged life today. The very fact that you are reading this post is proof that technology has given you the freedom and a platform to express your thoughts and beliefs. We have a voice in this world because of technology. A post on social media can touch many lives. A blog post, a tweet ,a newspaper article, a podcast, a YouTube Video, whatever way we wish to express our thoughts, we can. It is all free.

A few decades ago, women didn’t have a voice. Many still don’t. I have the technological know-how to create a voice bubble of my own which can be accessed and interpreted by anyone, anytime. I can talk to a loved one residing in any part of this world. I can watch them live via Skype. I can exchange news daily with my family and friends via Whatsapp. I can learn new things via the internet absolutely free because a few individuals have graciously shared their knowledge online.

Our grandparents didn’t enjoy this privilege nor did our parents. I am addicted to technology and I try to update myself with the latest technology. Being tech savvy always has its advantages. I feel safer and enjoy more freedom online. So that is one habit that I am grateful about. 

Tell me what is that one habit that you cherish and is grateful about?

I plan to write #ThankfulThursday posts on every Thursday starting today.
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Tina Basu


  1. Yes being tech savvy is a habit to be thankful for indeed.I feel blessed to be able to connect with like minded people (like you ) across distances .Time and place don't matter if we can use technology.
    Hopping over from #ThankfulThursdays with and Tina
    Hoping to see you for our blig party every Thursday. Don't forget to have a cup of coffee and grab a cookie while making friends.

    1. Feeling glad to connect with you Amrita. The coffee and cookie, both were yummy :)

  2. yes being tech savvy is the need of the hour today than any other time. I find myself completely dependant on technology for most of the things and i like that I am tech savvy. Thank you for being a part of #ThankfulThursdays Preethi.

  3. Being tech savvy ourselves inspires our children. Also, it gives them a message they cannot bluff their way through any online mischief.:)

  4. You are so right buddy, we must be truly grateful for all the technological advancements of this era