Friday, January 6, 2017

10 reasons Why I am Grateful that I Blog

Years ago, I read a blog post by a fellow college mate and thought he was so brave to put his writing up there on his blog for strangers to read. Then I didn’t have the time, courage, or patience to experiment with a blog myself. I was neck deep in work, had daily deadlines to meet, and had no interest whatsoever to spend even a few extra minutes in front of the laptop. Its screen only reminded me of spreadsheets that needed to be filled, emails that waited to be answered or construction drawings that were to be handed out to site engineers.  
Then came that much needed sabbatical from work after becoming a mother. Again, I didn’t have time to devote to writing or blogging. My little master was one big troublemaker. I couldn’t afford to even go and pee unless there was someone to keep an eye on him. Forget blogging or even journaling.
Once he started playschool, I began to get restless, now so used to being busy. I experimented with everything from crocheting, painting , portraiture and quilling. Initially, I began a blog to display my crafts and artworks. But when I joined Indiblogger and Blogadda, a new world opened up for me. Blog hopping got me in touch with many blogger-turned writers like Preeti Shenoy, Kiran Manral, and Bhavya Kaushik. It was through Bhavya’s blog that I came upon the writing contest for an anthology, which eventually became my launch pad. The same publisher published my debut novel as well. I realize now that I have many reasons to thank this habit of blogging.

Here are my ten reasons:

1)      Thank you blogging for being my stepping-stone to becoming a published author. 6 Degrees: the game of blogs book by Blogadda and Love Minuets spent many of their formative hours on this blog.

2)      Thank you blogging for giving regular work to my writing muscles. I have not faced writer’s block thanks to you.

3)      Thank you blogging for giving me a platform for my creativity. My art, poems, fiction, and non-fiction writings found a home on this blog.

4)      Thank you blogging for helping me find my tribe. I have met writers whose passion for the written word matches mine thanks to this fine habit called blogging.

5)      Thank you blogging for teaching me some lessons I needed to learn about people in general.

6)      Thank you blogging for helping me see the true faces of people I used to admire. However much you try, words reveal your true personality.

7)      Thank you blogging for helping me to realize that my words were capable of touching hearts. One of my articles ‘Love, Rotis and a pinch of wisdom from a mother’ went viral on Whatsapp and Facebook. It was a letter written by a mother to her son asking him to treat his wife better.

8)      Thank you blogging for giving me a platform to help others through my writing. To appreciate others. To inspire others.

9)      Thank you blogging for giving me many open books to read. There are blogs that I visit when I need a dollop of inspiration. There are blogs, which clear my doubts.

10)   Lastly but not the least, thank you blogging for helping me earn. I earn a decent amount of pin money writing sponsored posts on my blog. I have also won many writing contests that gave me goodies, vouchers, and money.

So what are your 10 reasons to thank blogging? 

Tina Basu

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  1. I love earning from blogging too.It's a lot of fun .And it's from home.Blogging helps us stop over thinking and just write.Each day .Every day

  2. Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays. It's a pleasure reading your posts

    1. Always a pleasure, Amrita. Thank you for the innovative prompts.

  3. Blogging is fun, inspirational, earns us some extra money, gives wings to our creativity. Agree with your points Preethi.

  4. In present-day society, people are getting more and more cut-off and disconnected from others. That leads to a sense of loneliness and isolation. Blogging goes a long way in helping an individual overcome that distressing environment.

  5. It was great reading this article, Preethi. Agree with your points :)

  6. Isn't blogging so dynamic? Everyone has to thank the internet for that. My internet connection is acting up since last 2 days and I realised how handicapped I am without the internet and being so far away from the blogs. It's because of Blogs and GOB that I met you, so thanking the aliens for that.