Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Surprise..

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, there was this notification of a tag that caught my attention. My wife had tagged me in this photo.


I know she has done this to taunt me. She uses Facebook as a weapon sometimes.

 I realize according to this, I am nowhere an ideal good husband.

We are in our fifth year of marriage and I feel I am suffocating Ria with all the family responsibilities. She had quit her job and now managed our 3 year old Ashwin and my old mother.

In the last few months I have been too busy with the business that I was setting up. Hunting the perfect location, searching out patrons…

 She took out Ashwin everyday to the park, my mother for her regular checkups and even puts up with all the childish demands that my mother makes these days without a single word of protest.

Every day I find my office clothes laundered and Ironed, perfectly matched lying on my bed, by the time I finished my bath and breakfast.

It is Christmas Eve today. She loved the Christmas season and her face light ups with pleasure whenever we passed a shop with Christmas decoration or when a carol group came at our door step.

I head to the saloon to clean up. I hated the unclean stubble that has grown on my face. I decide to look my best for her today. 

She laughs in delight and hugs me seeing the change and screams in delight when I give her the Christmas Gift.

Tickets for the  Sonu Nigam Concert, tomorrow for which her friends were going. She was a big fan of Sonu Nigam.

I assure her, I will be the single parent tomorrow. She can enjoy a girls' night out.

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I was tagged by Tarun Singh. Thank you Tarun for the tag.

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  1. I have been reading quite a few entries on this theme. But till the end I could not guess it was going to come down to the stubble! :D Well narrated.

    1. Thank you Mridula...Yeah..the stubble has become quite famous with PASS..;)

  2. Got it Preethi. I shall accept your tag by tonight :)

  3. Well written! For a moment I though your husband had hijacked your blogger account! hehe :)

    1. Hahaha... He doesn't come anywhere near... :)

      Thanks Pallavi..

  4. I got confused for a while. :p Btw, Merry Christmas!!!! :D

    1. Thank You Namrata :p... A very Merry Christmas to you too...

  5. Dear Preethi,
    Here's my Post in response to your Tag:

    Please do register it NOW in the Contest Page to claim the points as today is the last date...
    All the best dear :)

    1. Registered it...

      Your post is lovely.
      All the best to you too..

    2. Thanks Preethi :)
      Do drop a line in my Post for your Tag :)

    3. I did it Anita. It was an awesome read.

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