Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Sparkling Christmas!!


There is nothing in the world like home and one starts to appreciate it better when he has been away for a long time. 

The last six months has been a torture. I am a photographer with a leading newspaper and had been posted in the Middle East to cover the civil war which had been raging there.
Looking at myself in the airport washroom mirror, I realize that the war has taken its toll on me too. My beard is almost two inches long and my mustache could easily find a place in the Guinness book of world records, if they had a category for the thickest one. 
It is Christmas today,my favorite festival. It always has been. I remember the delicious aroma of my mom’s cooking, the sound of the chiming bells, the happy sight of the presents stacked under the heavily decorated Christmas tree…Everything about Christmas was special!!

It was during Christmas that I had met and fallen in love with Jane.
This Christmas was doubly special; it is the first birthday of my son, our first among the brood I wished to create with Jane.
Walking out of the airport, I head for the nearest saloon to go in for a makeover. The staff there marvels at the change when after a clean shave I get into my best Sunday suit.

When Jane opens the door, she hugs me tight and shed many happy tears.

“Welcome back sweetheart… You look divine. I hated that smelly stubble you loved to sport,” she says after the tears subside.
I kiss my sleeping son and then head to enjoy the delicious dinner spread on the dining table. Jane is all smiles watching me.

I look out the window and it is sparkling lights and Joy all around.

This is my second post for P.A.S.S Contest from Blogadda.

I wish to tag the following bloggers for the contest.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Nice story... Best wishes for the contest!

  2. good and nice ... short and sweet and just enough

  3. Such a beautiful post! Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thank you Bhavya Kaushik... Such a comment from a national best selling author ...You made my day!!

  4. Very nice sparkling story, Preethi! :) Christmas celebrations without smelly stubble/beard :)
    Best wishes :)

    1. Thank you Anita... You started the sparkle anyway...Thanks for that...

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Anil. Write yours and tag me..Ok??? I am waiting.

  6. Short and sweet! Without smelly, of course! Thank you so much for tagging me, Preethi, and all the very best to you. :)

    1. Thank you Arti... Hahaha..Yes...A sparkling and clean christmas..

  7. Short, cute and sweet! Lovely take on the theme.

  8. Hi Preethi,I have tagged you here in Newly Found Love in Metro !! . Hope you will acknowledge me on your next post and tag me back if you like :)



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