Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Unsuspecting Bride...

“When will I enjoy myself out here?!! “  I murmured to myself walking out of the grand ballroom of the star hotel I worked.
 Being in the house keeping section I got to see all the lavish settings of the hotel and all the grand arrangements for the parties that happened here every day. But we could never enjoy a party as we were the ones in-charge.

“Rhea… We have someone waiting at the reception for you,” said Mr. David who is the floor manager.

I head to the reception. A stylish girl dressed impeccably and with silky hair like a dream, comes to me and pulls me into a tight hug. I am confused as I can’t place her.

“Rhea..You idiot..You forgot me?!! How dare you?!!,” asks the girl and then punches me hard on my shoulders.

“Hey… Khushi..Oh my god!!..You have changed so much.  Where did all your chubbiness and that lice-infected-bushy-hair vanish?!!” I ask realization finally dawning on me.

Khushi was my best friend at the hotel management Institute. We were nicknamed 'Siamese twins' as we were together 24/7. After the course we had lost contact as I had moved back to Cochin and Khushi had gone to the US to pursue higher studies.

“Hahaha..Haven’t I become a babe?!!It is all thanks to Sunsilk. Can we talk?,” asks Khushi and we head to the visitors area to sit and talk leisurely; my afternoon break having begun.

“I am getting engaged next month right here, and you have to be with me throughout.I can’t handle my nerves alone. When I called your home, I found you work here. Lucky Me!! ,” says Khushi taking my hands into hers.

“Hey…Hey..Go slow..Tell me in detail. Who is the unlucky guy?” I tease Khushi.

“The very same…Tushar Khanna,” says Khushi with a wink and I remember how big a crush Khushi had on Tushar ,our senior by a year, while in college.

“Woww…I am so happy for you Khushi. Now out with the whole story,” I demand and she tells me how while studying in the US they had ended up being in love and how they are inseparable now.

After Khushi leaves, I sit rooted in the same place thinking fondly over the days past. The truth hits me hard then that I would look like a vagabond among Khushi’s and Tushar’s relatives, who belonged to the elite class of Delhi. I usually didn't care much about grooming other than what my duty demanded; which was a passable neat look.

I approach my friend who works at the reception to get some beauty tips and it is she who tells me the importance hair plays in completing one's look.

“Most people are mentally lazy when they size other people up. Hair grabs attentions the most after a pretty face. You have a very pretty face and also very good skin. A little effort on your hair can go a long way,” says Diana who can pass off as a Diva herself.

That is how I decide to go in for a hair spa with Sunsilk at the trendy saloon next door.

After a single session I can see the change in my hair and after two more sessions and a brilliant haircut by the Sunsilk hair experts, I cannot help but notice the admiring looks of passersby.

Two days before engagement Khushi drops in with her mother and takes me out shopping to a trendy boutique. She makes me model out many Ghagra cholis and then finalize on a silky orange Ghagra with green and gold embroidery.

“This is my gift for you Rhea..For all those days of happiness, to celebrate our friendship,” says Khushi and when I try to refuse she threatens me with murder.

On the day of the engagement, Khushi  and Tushar makes the loveliest couple I have ever seen.

 Little do I suspect then, observing the happy couple,that I had myself become an object of interest in someone else's eyes. Not until I catch Rohit Mehra, Tushar’s best friend, staring at me as if he was afflicted by tunnel vision and could see no one else.

I cannot help blushing as I  had always cherished a secret crush on him right from college. He had never even looked twice at me then.

 Rohit comes near me almost immediately and we spend the whole evening chatting with each other.  He comes to drop me at my room and before leaving makes me promise to meet him the next day.

That was how it all had begun two months before.

Today I am blissfully happy. After two months of dating, Rohit proposed marriage to me today. Quietly after a cozy dinner at our favorite restaurant he had surprised me with a proposal. And he had gone all out by going down on his knees for the entire restaurant to see. I had tears in my eyes when he had at last slipped the ring on to my fingers.

My parents have always supported all my decisions and Rohit tells me fondly that his mother is equally keen to see us get married soon.

How just recharging my hair had recharged my entire life!!!

 Gone was that inconspicuous existence and here I was happily preparing to enter one of the richest families in Delhi as their daughter- in- law. I am loved beyond compare by Rohit and my secret crush had come back into my life as a forever love.

We are to be married on the 15th of next month at the Grand Ballroom of the hotel where I worked!!!

This post has been written as part of a contest in association with Indiblogger and Sunsilk.


  1. Excellent story for an infomercial.

  2. A really wonderful story with a happy ending & product description too, Preethi!
    2-in-one! A totally creative take. Your's is unique as it's fiction, yet has facts!
    Great going! It's sure to impress!
    Best wishes :)

  3. Awww... happy ending!! lovely read Preethi..
    good luck to you :)
    Do drop by my blog sometime.. would love to see you there :)