Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Christmas..

Christmas is one festival, which never fails to enchant me. Right from my childhood, I have cherished a secret wish to celebrate Christmas in all its glory. 

I want to celebrate it in the traditional way like Christians all over the world; complete with a huge Christmas tree, the nativity scene, carols, gifts and of course Santa Claus.

The story of Christmas with the images of angels and a young mother, of shepherds and a stable, of wise men and royal intrigue captivated me from childhood.

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The church nearby re-created the nativity scene every year and it was a huge crowd puller in my village. Majority of the villagers were Hindus, but everyone celebrated Christmas irrespective of religion.

The carol groups visiting our doors always had a Santa who never resembled Santa Claus in any way, barring the tattered paper mask.

We did not receive gifts but there would be a delicious feast in our house and we cousins would enjoy the festival season, as it would be vacation time for all.
Christmas also meant cakes, which our Christian family friend who would sometimes arrive during Christmas would bring. The scent and taste of the homemade cake remains a fond memory.

While in school and college, Christmas became more entertaining with the Secret –Christmas- friend game that had become popular. It ensured that everyone had gifts for Christmas.

It was after my wedding when I moved to Dubai, a Muslim emirate, that I saw the full festive spirit of Christmas. Most of my colleagues were Christians.
There, the malls and super markets sparkled during the Christmas season with red and green d├ęcor everywhere.

Huge Christmas trees welcomed the shoppers and the shops would be buzzing with Christmas sales.

Here in Bangalore too, we do celebrate Christmas. Mostly it is just a day out to the Mall with Christmas decorations and eating out.

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  1. I love Christmas too mainly because of the holiday spirit and also during this time we have less work in office so we are free to use all our leaves during this time :) And not to forget the Christmas cakes, plum cakes and other goodies :)

  2. Christmas has become more of a commercial holiday all over the world these days. I wish everyone remembered its true spirit.

    Damyanti Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014, Latest Post

    Twitter: @damyantig

  3. We love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. Almost every room of our house gets decorated with trees and nativities. Our church group went caroling this year. Right now, it's the only day our stores aren't open during the year. Thanks for sharing such great photos.

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  4. Here in Japan, Christmas is a romantic holiday for young people. Families eat KFC and strawberry short cake. Gifts are sometimes exchanged, but are usually limited to a few gifts each.

  5. I love this and love Christmas! Thanks for sharing your stories. For me, Christmas is about family, warmth, and music!

  6. got good memories of christmas. nice post. all the best for remaining atoz challenge

  7. I love Christmas too :) Loved your words about it...

    Random Thoughts Naba

  8. Christmas is close to my heart. We celebrated it in my school's chapel. Christmas is a festival of joyful giving, it's one of it's kind. Loved the beautiful snaps you shared. :)