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K is for Kunhimangalam

K is for Kunhimangalam- the place of my birth.

Palottu Daivam -A theyyam in the famous Malliyottu Palottu Kavu, a local place of worship...Imagesource

One’s birthplace is a magical place to everyone. Most of us become emotional and a touch nostalgic talking about it, especially if one is away from there. I too find myself going through identical emotions while writing about my birthplace.

Kunhimangalam, is a picturesque little village in the north of Kerala- also known as God’s own country. Nature makes it a magical place with the presence of miles and miles of paddy fields, coconut groves, ponds, rivers, hillocks and the majestic misty hills of Ezhimala that form the western boundary. The Arabian Sea is just a couple of miles away and during the monsoon season, we can hear its hum clearly.

Legend has it that Ezhimala is a piece of the huge Himalayan mountain of rare medicinal herbs, which fell from the arms of Lord Hanuman when he was taking it to Lanka during the Rama-Ravana war. Ezhimala proves the legend true with the presence of many rare medicinal plants.

We are nature lovers and though the influx of Gulf money has led to the construction of many big bungalows and a higher standard of living, our people still believe in farming and cultivating our own grains and vegetables.

With many reputed schools and colleges, it is also a destination for knowledge seekers. With the many festivals, theyyams and cultural festivities, it is a colorful place to visit at any time of the year.

It is a strong hold of the Communist party with many households telling a story of having been safe havens for the Communist party leaders during the emergency period of 1975, when the party was banned and the communist leaders were being hunted by the police.

Yet another specialty is the presence of at least one family member who works in the middle east in every household. There are houses where all the male members of the family are abroad in one or the other middle-east country. I have many in my extended family working there and I too was part of the gang for quite some time.

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I had written about an evening walk that I took re-acquainting myself with the beauty of my land. Read it HERE.

I wish to share a few glimpses of my village.

The Rivers  (Image Source)

A regular Evening Scene near paddy fields (Image Source)

Mangroves in the river  (Image Source)

Ezhimala railway station (Image Source)

A structure reminiscent of stone age civilization called Adupootty para. A person can easily crawl inside. The rocks are huge and heavy.  A local historical site. Less frequented by people as it is near a graveyard. (Image Source)

A sunset to remember at the Ezhimala beach

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  1. Glad to know about ur birth place.. pics are awesome :)

  2. What a privilege to grow up in such an idyllic place! Beautiful pictures!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  3. dats such a beautiful place :) glad to learn a little about it :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. That's interesting about the Communists, nice to know they got rid of them. I've never really thought much about where I was born, it's just a little town about an hour from where I currently live. We lived there when I was very young, so really I don't have any memories of living there; but have visited an elderly aunt that lived there until a few years ago. Traveling Suitcase

  5. beautiful plaze.....................i have been to the place many tymz......itz interesting..........................................................

  6. That is interesting story about the piece of Himalayas! Very beautiful scenes. Thank you for showing.

  7. Wow that is a beautiful story and lovely pics of the place.. loved it

  8. Ezhimala is lovely place. Nice pictures you have here.

  9. The first picture is truly smashing. Your birthplace is so beautiful.