Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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For me Love is magic.

I am talking about romantic love, the most encompassing yet selfish emotion in the world. The emotion that could affect even an iron-willed and ruthless person like Adolf Hitler, the emotion that was the harbinger of a thousand wars of the yore.

“That love is all there is, Is all we know of love” said Emily Dickinson. It is magical , it is mystical.
Is there another emotion that can compete with love?

 When you fall in love, it is the most magical thing you experience in your whole life. The person, who stirred this emotion in your heart, all of a sudden, acquires the power to make you his/her slave and you become ready to do anything to win his /her affections.

Nothing matters anymore other than your lover. It is as if this magician called love has put you in a trance, all you hear are his commands, and you become a helpless puppet in his arms. Every thought like a homing pigeon returns to your lover and every moment you invent a reason to be near him/her.

It is like a powerful potion, which has been absorbed by each and every cell of your body. 

 If the magic ends for some reason, you find yourself drained out of the very substance that had fed your soul, and you wish that your heart ceased its rhythm. The beating of your own heart starts to hurt you.

Many lives have perished after falling prey to this ruthless magician. While many other lucky creatures have flourished and bloomed just because of its magic.

Why do we become minions of this crazy little thing called love?

What else is Love other than Magic?


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  1. Yes indeed! Quite a lot of takes on love and magic :) doesn't it speak volumes of the magic love casts?

  2. What else is Love other than Magic?, love this line. Love is magic and WoW post, indeed:)

  3. Nice article. I agree falling is love is wonderful and ecstatic feeling. We cannot hold the feeling and moment. It moves away.

  4. love........ its always love... my post is about love too... love is truly magical

  5. Oh yes, it is a magical feeling alright! Lets hope the magic stays throughout the lives of the lovers :)

  6. lovely post :) the magic of love...well brought out in your words. all the best for the wow! :)

  7. Love is indeed magic. But it has to be rejuvenated every now and then, otherwise the magic peters out :)

  8. You weaved magic with your words!

  9. very true :).. and this entire concept of love is more important than anything was introduced to me by my father at a very young age.. even today he tells, if there is no love then there is no life...

    1. Your Father is indeed the best one...Lucky you have such a guide.

  10. Love is magical is an all encompassing feeling...nicely penned..

  11. A magic-- a pure magic embrace with hearty feelings and caring :) I liked your post.

  12. each line is so lovely and so joyful !