Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I hated Rapunzel

Rapunzel Image Source

There was a time when I hated  Rapunzel to the core. Yes…You guessed it right. It was a case of sour grapes.

I had two semi- Rapunzels at home to make my envy grow as tall as Mount Everest. Both my mom and my sister had long hair. Blessed with thick knee- length curly hair, they were the eye-candies wherever they went. Though I am blessed with the same genes and similar hair, my hair has never grown longer than my shoulders. Blame it on my laziness. 

Throughout my school life and until now I have kept my hair short. I hated to oil my hair. I hated to de-tangle them after I slept keeping them loose and tangled them overnight. Therefore, my hair remained short and Rapunzel remained a hated character.

I love to experiment with my hair. I straightened them chemically once, blow dry them occasionally and cut them almost mercilessly.

During pregnancy, my hair grew a bit longer, but then split ends took the life out of them and I again chopped them short.

After coming to Bangalore, the chlorine water and the bore-well water took the toll on them and split ends made me go to saloons for the professional trims, which effectively did away with the split ends.

When I found a trial offer of Tresemme split remedy on Indiblogger, I immediately grabbed the offer and registered myself to receive a free sample. The sample arrived but to my dismay, the shampoo bottle had been damaged in transit and half the shampoo had spilled out.  The conditioner bottle was undamaged luckily. Like a treasure, I preserved the rest and tried them together with the conditioner. I followed the instructions of use to the letter. I took care to apply the conditioner away from the roots and the result is above expectations. I could see much difference after using it for a week.

The gift samples

I have used Tresemme before and I prefer it to other shampoos. Tresemme split remedy shampoo is far better compared to the effect it has on my almost un-manageable hair. My hair looks better and shines better.  The mild scent and the silky texture of the shampoo with a good lather is exactly what I prefer. It is gentle enough for daily use.
Latest hair pic.. My hair is soft and manageable and I am loving it..:)

With Tresemme split remedy, I find my loathing for Rapunzel reducing. Any way I am not ready for competition yet, but mind it Rapunzel, you are going to have a rival very soon…:P


  1. I like the bit of humour in your post, Preethi. Rapunzel seems to have a bit of competition now. I can't think of any fairy tale characters I had envied growing up. Glad you found a hair treatment that works. It's a popular brand.

  2. Thank you Michelle for dropping by... Yes it is a good one.