Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear God...

My home was magical until that Friday a month ago.

Fragrances of food wafted in from the kitchen bringing a smile on my face, birds sang from the trees praising the beauty of the garden, the clothes were clean, the beds warm, I had a father who loved to crack jokes, a mother who loved to laugh and there was music all day.

Now weeds cover most of the garden, the wilted plants no longer invite the birds, the house stinks buzzing with unspoken words, and the kitchen bin is crowded with half-eaten take-away packets.

Fear gnaws at my heart while I watch my silent father who keeps staring at the empty side of his cold bed, as though expecting someone to pop-in there at any moment.

God, return my mom, the fragrances, the warmth, the laughter; Please god, return the magic to my house.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. A touching piece, Preethi. Harry's letter to God is so moving....may he and his father find peace. Mothers do bring that special magic to our lives that only they can.

  2. Wow! You wrote a beautiful moving story, Preethi. The impact of the words made me feel the emotions visualise the scenes. Mothers are the backbones of families and the bond that ties us together. Well done. Have a blessed Mothers Day.

    1. Thank you Michelle for dropping by and for the wishes.

  3. A really touching letter from Harry.
    A different and interesting take on the prompt!

  4. a mother makes a house a home :) a lovely post. all the best for the wow.

  5. Wow! A very beautifully written post ... You so bring out the happiness in the beginning, and then the sad ending...