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Chapter 27 ;Team By Lines :Game of Blogs

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When Shekhar opened his email inbox, there were two new emails sent by Jennifer. She had moved to a nearby hotel after Tara had left the Dutta Mansion. He opened the first mail and found several photo attachments in it. The photographs were the ones taken by Jennifer while Cyrus was carrying out Tara’s awakening. The photos were magical, Jennifer had managed to capture the transformation of Tara into Clariota with great skill. His eyes gleamed with greed, teeming with the possibilities that lay ahead of him and the possible commercial value of the photos.

The second mail by Jennifer contained a text attachment. It had a few thousand-email ids - the second phase of their plan. Shekhar wanted to mail his revelation piece to as many people as possible before Cyrus destroyed it. He was only a few hours away from glorious fame and recognition throughout the world. The world would read his work with the supporting proof.

His fingers flew on the keyboard and the story started to build on the screen of his laptop. He began with his life with Tara and then progressed to the incidents of the past few days. He poured his heart out into words. It was not fiction, it was not a sci-fi story and it wasn’t even an account of an alien fanatic. It was his truth and his personal story. He was voicing out all his frustration and ire through his words. The content reeked of his exasperation towards the events that had taken a toll on his life.

The whole day passed and he had not cared enough to drink even a sip of water. His eyes were weary and burning. But he needed to complete it and send to the world. Amidst all this, his phone had rung thrice but he had not bothered to look at the screen to find out who was calling. He was so immersed in his world that he had even forgotten about Roohi and the fact that he had not picked her up from the school that day.

The world outside had become dark when he finished writing.

Without wasting another second, he composed a new mail and attached the story, which now contained some ten thousand words. Once he was done, he attached a few images to support the data in the story. After checking whether everything was fine, he added all those thousand ids and clicked on the send button. He knew the mail was soon going to go viral online.

He jumped high with a sinister laughter rejoicing his achievement. He picked up his phone and dialed Jennifer’s number. He could not wait to tell her the good news.

“Hello,” Jennifer answered.

Shekhar didn’t answer as his attention was caught by something that had appeared on his computer screen.

The screen displayed a failure message. The mail was not sent. It asked him to check his internet connection. He tried refreshing the page but it resulted in the same - ‘No network.’

The next moment, a pop up window appeared on the screen with a message in bold letters.


Before he could even react to the message, his laptop sparked and went dead.

“Paa….What are you doing? I would never have expected this from you!” It was Roohi. She had arrived on her own from school. She had even changed out of her school clothes.

“What did I do now? I was so engrossed in my work and forgot to pick you up from school. I am sorry. You have come on your own before also,” said Shekhar, trying hard to act normal. Every cell in his body was screaming at the failure of his best-laid plans.

“Paa, you know I am not talking about that. How can you do that to Mom? Don’t lie to me, I can read your thoughts,” said Roohi, glaring at Shekahr and he stepped back in fear.
“But Roohi, how… I mean how do you know?” asked Shekhar. Even before Roohi answered, Shekhar realized how. Roohi was Tara’s daughter and Tara was a powerful Peacekeeper Alien. Roohi would have inherited her powers.

“Yes, exactly. You are correct. I have inherited my powers from my mother. More than anything she needs me now. I am sure of that. I sense an impending doom. Cyrus and mom needs me. I need your help to reach them. I had seen you following mom the other day. Please..please, take me to them,” pleaded Roohi.

“NO…I have already lost my wife to some hare-brained scheme of some weird people. I am not going to lose my daughter now,” shouted Shekhar.

“We have no other option Shekhar. Listen to Roohi. She is not the little girl anymore. And I have heard what exactly is going to happen. Tara and Cyrus need our support,” said Aryan coming into the room. His unshaved and unkempt appearance emphasized the seriousness of the occasion.
“Yes Paa… it is for mother earth. And this is our last chance,” said Roohi, there were tears in her eyes.

Shekhar couldn’t protest anymore because Jennifer entered the room then in support of Roohi. Roohi had not left any stone un-turned in her quest to help her mother.

The Grand Master was moving around making the final arrangements. Cyrus went near him and briefed him on their progress so far. At three major points across the world, they had chosen towers to extract the physio - electricity generated by the earth. The production of Galladium from the gold they had accumulated with the help of various world governments was progressing at a smooth pace. At a few places, they were also extracting it from the ocean.
The amount of Galladium that the Great Master had asked them to had left him confused.

The army of the awakened Peacekeepers was a billion in number and was positioned in the eight cardinal points as instructed by the Great Master. They had used just a handful of Galladium to awaken the whole army. Why did they require such vast amounts?  Reading his mind, the Great Master answered.

“Do you know what the Anunnakis did to fend off the attack of a powerful reptilian- alien army which attacked earth during their reign here? They created a protective shield using Galladium around the earth. Galladium shield is capable of disrupting the control mechanisms of any spaceship. It creates havoc in their system controls. We are going to use exactly this same technique against the gray aliens. They would never anticipate that the earthlings are capable for such an endeavor. Our presence is a mystery to them. They do not perceive us as Peacekeepers. They don’t know what we are or how many of us inhabit the earth. They have come to know of Haides and through him, you. The rest of us are hidden from their perception. We have a huge advantage over them.”

“But Great Master, how can we accomplish creating such a shield?” asked Cyrus.
“We will use the power of sound to levitate the Galladium in the exact same way that the Anunnakis did during their times. Our scientists have given us detailed sketches of how to use the universal sound of OM to levitate it towards the outer space, by deciphering the Sumerian Texts. The armies of peacekeepers have to use the special prayer stones and cone shaped tools we have gathered from across the world, together with their powerful chants, to keep the Galladium rising up. The formation of the shield has to be accomplished by us four – Haides, Clariota, You and Me. Our mind power projected onto it will ensure that the shield is strong enough to stand for centuries to come,” said the Great Master.

“But Great Master, how much time will it take? We have hardly twenty four hours left before the first batch of gray aliens would arrive at their base point on the moon,” said Cyrus.

“The Anunnakis had created the shield within a month. They had done it quadrant by quadrant of the earth.  We do not have the luxury of time. All we have are four powerful peacekeepers and a million newbie peacekeepers. But we have the advantage of Galladium which will continue to keep our energy strong,” said the Great Master.

After bowing low to the Great Master, Cyrus left. The Great Master sighed. He hadn’t revealed the complication in the plan to Cyrus.

After all, it affected just him. Hadn’t he lived long? He had come to live on earth only a few thousand years after his home planet had disintegrated into pieces. But he loved Earth almost as much as he had loved Phaester Osiris. Compared to Cyrus and Tara, he was a veteran. He was more than seven thousand years old. But he was still in his prime because Peacekeepers had a normal lifespan of 10,000 plus earth years.

The formation of the shield was going to require him, the central key to the process, to be connected with its energy shell. The formation of the energy shell of Galladium was going to weaken him over time. He knew the weakening could become fatal. Cyrus, Haides and Tara had to contribute just one fourth of the binding energy together.  He had created the algorithm that way to keep them safe from the energy leaching that would occur during the strengthening of the shield in the last stage.
Outside, Cyrus hurried to be near Clariota who was instructing the peacekeepers gathered outside their camp. Her eyes had regained its sapphire blue colour, his favorite colour in the whole world. He could read her thoughts now. And he remembered the good times and the bad times they had together faced.

He had tried to hide from everyone how much he loved Clariota. Only the Great Master knew. He had hurt her when he had proclaimed that Clariota was just one of his students. No, she had never been that. He had loved her from the moment he had first seen her. He had fallen in love with her laughter, her eyes and her courage. When she had bared her feelings to him, he had hurt her feelings and insulted her. Just to keep her safe- her safety had always been his first priority. Being the Master of the Peacekeepers, he lived on the edge of peril.

Saddened because of her unrequited love, Clariota had decided to take on the earth mission. Once on earth she had gone missing. She had created a shield to forget all memories of her life as a peacekeeper to come in to terms with her unrequited love. And then in her earthly avatar as Tara, she had fallen in love with Shekhar. It had taken him five long years to trace Clariota after she had transformed herself into Tara.

A few feet ahead of him, Clariota stilled, hearing Omega aka Cyrus’s thoughts. After her re-awakening, her powers had become stronger and she could read Omega’s mind clearly. A familiar warmth spread through her and her heart thudded fiercely. What she had felt for Omega was almost a thousand times more than what she had ever felt for Shekhar. And those memories of her love for Omega had returned with full force. Her earth memories had suddenly become dull.
She turned back and faced Omega. Her eyes twinkled. Omega aka Cyrus recognized that the twinkle did not belong to Tara. The woman standing before him was entirely Clariota- his Clariota!

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. I knew always that you were trying to protect me. My instincts were never wrong,” said Clariota, her face lit up with a lovely smile.

“I am happy you could read my thoughts. I feel guilt free at last. Yes, Clariota- every single thought you read were true. I always loved you. But we are still not free, we are still bound by chains. We have our mission, which requires our full effort. And of course, your earthly connections still hold you in chains,” said Omega.

Clariota, nodded. Holding Omega’s hands, she walked away from the throng of peacekeepers. They talked for hours via thoughts even as they continued instructing the peacekeepers in the preparation of the creation of the shield. At the end of those long and happy hours, perhaps the last carefree hours that they might ever have, they had ceased to become Cyrus and Tara. They were now Omega and Clariota- A pair of lovers whose heart beat like a single unit, their mission was common, their goal the same. With every passing second, they fell a little more in love.

When moon rays caressed Clariota’s cheeks, Omega pulled her into his arms. Clariota smiled, her most cherished dream had come true.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. To sink and die in your arms is my only wish,” said Clariota and Omega gathered her in a tight hug.

Far away in the horizon, the moon was shining bright. An unusual red spot was visible right near the centre of the largest crater on the moon. The first batch of the suicide gang of Gray aliens had arrived at their moon station.

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