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Blogadda Game of Blog; Team By Lines: Chapter 20


Cyrus came out of the Dutta Mansion and almost bumped onto Aryan Ahuja who had been eavesdropping at the door. Instead of being ashamed at being caught red handed, Aryan appeared elated to meet Cyrus.

“I can’t believe my luck. I always wanted to meet someone like you,” said Aryan, whose face had lit up with a happy smile. He had the same goofy expression that would brighten a follower’s face on beholding his idol.

He had believed every sentence uttered by Cyrus. Whatever he had heard had reinforced his belief in the person himself.  He had followed Cyrus closely online through his blog ‘The message from beyond’. Aryan by then had assumed that the blog was a veil to hide Cyrus’s true self as well as a tool to create awareness about aliens. The blog was an encyclopedia of knowledge about aliens online. Many Alien fanatics like Aryan were ardent followers of the blog.

Cyrus stopped and read every thought running through Aryan’s mind. He knew the man who stood in front of him was one with a pure heart. He needed many more such benevolent souls in his crusade against the gray aliens. He understood that Aryan was bubbling with questions. He had the answers. Shekhar and Jennifer were quick to believe his discovery. May be he can help in re-awakening Clariota.

“Yes Aryan, I will answer all your questions. Will you come with me?” said Cyrus, and Aryan almost jumped when he heard the answer to a question he had feared to ask. But he happily nodded.

What happened next was all a blur to Aryan. All he remembered was that Cyrus had touched him near the crown of his head. When he opened his eyes next, he was inside a chamber that had pristine settings. The walls, which had texture like shiny velvet, were the sources of light. There were plants that looked like common houseplants but something about them seemed different.  The large room had the appearance of a meditation chamber. A serene sound like that of cascading water was wafting in from some invisible speakers.

Aryan eagerly looked around for the source of the sound and stilled a moment when he noticed that it was coming from the vicinity of the plants, which were swaying in harmony with the music.  How was that happening? Aryan wondered.

“They are playing musical memories. Those ferns used to grow near a waterfall. We make them play the remembered music aloud. It increases their life span and also soothes the occupants of this hall,” said Cyrus, answering Aryan’s thoughts.

“Please sit, Mr. Aryan Ahuja . I will answer all your queries. Something tells me that you are going to be very useful to me. I know that you heard every word that I spoke at the Dutta Mansion. And I can sense that you hate being so transparent in front of me.  I know all the questions that you want to ask but you can ask them one by one. But before that I want you to promise that whatever I tell you will not be used for material gains. It will be used only for the greater good,” said Cyrus, his face acquiring the calmness and serenity of a highly evolved soul.

“Of course Sir, of course,” said Aryan, with a vigorous nod.

“The danger that I was talking about to Clariota at the Dutta mansion is real. It is imminent. We assume it will happen within few months. The good news is that we have unearthed the secret scrolls, which were hidden inside the chambers of a temple of the Sumerians. We believe it contains the secrets of the Anunnakis or the gray aliens. The scroll though old had survived the ravages of time which in itself speaks of its authenticity. We have a special set of peacekeeper alien scientists trying to decipher the codes at this very moment. But we can’t rely on that alone,” said Cyrus with a sigh.

“I have read that the Anunnaki’s were able to harness the earth’s energy using curious stone circles erected throughout southern Africa. That there still exist numerous gold mines across the terrains that are millions of year old and continue to baffle scientists .They might have been a technologically advanced civiliaztion,” said Aryan Ahuja, eager to know more about the Anunnakis who were mentioned in the tablets recovered from the ruins of the highly developed Sumerian civilization.

“Yes, they were. And all those mines are testimony to their craze for monoatomic gold or galladium. It has led them to war with various planets spread across the Milky Way. They were intelligent enough to recognize that  Monoatomic gold had miraculous properties. It has the ability to stop the aging process, and increase the capabilities of the brain. It helps the person who consumes it in specified quantities to sense evil or become telepathic. It even helps the person to time travel using the enhanced sense of mind power to peek into the past or future. What we peacekeepers have as inborn ability, they acquire using this magical mineral,” said Cyrus.

“Are they then a danger to the peacekeepers?” asked Aryan.

“No. We exist in a different astral plane to that of the Anunnakis. We become visible to them only if we allow them to see us. They don’t perceive us and are unaware of the danger that we pose to them. It is the same case with humans too. We can co-exist with you without your knowing that we are near you. Humans can see us only if we intend so,” said Cyrus.

“So is earth home to all the peacekeeper aliens or have you come to earth to on a mission?” asked Aryan.

“No… the earth is not our home. We once lived in a planet called Phaester Osiris in another corner of the Milky Way. Our ancestors sucked out its resources without replenishing them and our home planet split into pieces, forcing us peacekeepers to become wanderers across the universe. We are now volunteer peacekeepers and strive to help souls in danger.  We monitor all the planets that have life. But now, the same fate awaits earth in not a far future. The danger that the earth faces from the grays is just the beginning,” said Aryan, and stopped talking, as he perceived something.

With the sound that resembled a splash, a turquoise blue dome entered the chamber like a flash of lightning. The dome that was spinning like a top abruptly came to a stop at the centre of the hall. It then opened like a flower. The creature that emerged out of it was completely in agreement with all the pictures man had painted of aliens since time immemorial. It had gray skin, eyes that resembled huge dark goggles and had legs and hands that were eerily thin. It was almost thrice in height to that of a normal human being.

Suppressing an involuntary scream, Aryan grabbed the arms of Cyrus in an act of seeking refuge. Cyrus patted on his arms and asked him not to panic. While he watched, the alien shrunk in size and then morphed into a human shape. It was a lean man who appeared to be in his mid forties.

“Hail the master!” said the man and sat in a chair as directed by Cyrus. He seemed in a hurry and his eyes flitted between Aryan and Cyrus as though asking whether he could speak in front of Aryan.

“Speak Haides, be assured that Aryan is a friend. He needs to know. I believe the news is urgent. You preferred to travel instead of using the messenger balls,” said Cyrus.

“Master, they have changed the dates. The deterioration of the ozone layer has sped up things. They arrive in not three months from now. They arrive in seven days,” said Haides, and then fell silent. Perhaps Cyrus had warned him to shift to telepathic communication. Cyrus appeared calm but the silent communication that followed between the two seemed profound to Aryan. Haides seemed to be one of the spies that Cyrus had mentioned at the Dutta mansion, the ones who were in charge of collecting data from the world of the gray aliens.

“Only a miracle can save earth now!”exclaimed Cyrus at the end of the silent discourse.  Aryan sank back onto the chair he was sitting understanding the despair in Cyrus’s voice.

The silence that reigned in the room was ominous!

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